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…PDL delights…

It is still not the weather which makes these days perfect but glad we have time and are not under pressure to move on.

It was 4am in the morning when I got the ultimate idea, what the problem on our slow starting generator might be. The pre-heating relay not doing its job and thus additional crank turns needed, before it reluctantly starts?!? Got a spare relay from the onboard warehouse and the test after replacement indicated: symptoms eliminated, all good again.

Lemon honey pork ribs, J. Oliver.

These days also allow for some decent cooking and I opted for a “Simple One-Pan Wonder” from Jamie Oliver. The local ribs here from the market hall are 90% meat and 10% bones and not vice versa. After two hours slow cooking it is hard to resist any longer. Gorgeous.

Tomorrow we will look into the small leakage from the water maker.

Fair winds…

Arriving was yesterday…

We have been back in the marina for the last two nights  to do some scheduled maintenance on rigg, fridge/freezer and generator. In other words, the lady got an all inclusive package for some beauty treatment. It turned out to become time very well invested.

The operation at the open heart of the generator – capacitor replacement – worked out well and ended with a full load test yesterday at 6.5kw while water maker, aircon, kettle, microwave, vacuum cleaner, etc. all switched on subsequently to push power requirements to its peak.

Finally it looks like, we also got a competent person to fix our fridge/freezer issue, which already started in Puerto Calero at the time leaving Lanzarote. It is between mystic and science – seawater temperature and condensation, but I was 100% convinced: the system is drawing too many Ah.

The two units were running by far too often, draining our battery bank. Energy, we were hardly able to compensate for through our solar panels and  the SailingGen, which has been my concept from the beginning. Initial measurements are promising.

As a routine work we also got a rigg inspection performed after 30oonm sailed from Lanzarote to Martinique. It is a good feeling when a professional third party confirms no issues, all in mint conditions. 

One of the last items on the list was grocery shopping. We found out that Leader Price – one of the local supermarkets – has a good selection of products for our needs. The beauty is, that they have their own “dinghy dock”, which makes food stocking convenient in terms of logistics. Lovely!

Tomorrow morning we will be leaving our anchorage here at Saint-Anne heading south, bound for Grenada. Arriving in the Caribbean was yesterday. Another chapter to follow.

Fair winds…

☝️…days flying by…⚓️

We are hanging out at anchor and besides some minor boat work are further trying to get our foot into the Caribbean Lifestyle.

Recently we also got two new helpers joining the pantry and now find the time to experiment with making our own yoghurt, buttermilk, creme cheese on one hand and bread and cake on the other. It is a promising start and a lot more to explore.

I will go for another swim now.

Fair winds…

Light bread served warm for breakfast. 😋

E to W Atlantic Crossing – Logblog 10

Less than 600nm to go. Sailing downhill always feels faster to me, not sure why.

We finished our Christmas dinner with Dieter and it was delicous. A traditional receipe: Duck – tenderly throughout – with red cabbage and potatoes. There was no room left for desert!

The sunset after pantry cleaning was less impressive today but reminded us on our duties for the night. Susan is resting now while I update some mails and the blog diary.

Fair winds…

Lanzarote to Cabo Verde – Day 7 / Logblog 4

Cooking while on passage is taking some sort of form and shape even in a rolling pantry with 2.5m waves around us resulting in the risk of an extra pinch of salt if the wave hits at the right moment.

My view on this dish is that the tuna steak goes well together with the saffron rice topped with freshly shaved parmesan cheese. Supplemented with some tomato slices aside, it provides a fresh note to the yummy dinner at sea!

I look forward for Susan to arrive and prepare some more dishes from our new ONE Pan cooking book from Jamie, perfectly compiled for boaties.

Fair winds… 

Lanzarote to Cabo Verde – Day 7 / Logblog 1

We just passed midnight and I made a pot of tea, fine Moroccan Mint Tea from a teashop in Arrecife. Not sure why, but it is one of the finest mint teas I have had so far and perhaps the vicinity to Morocco makes the difference. In the meantime we have passed Morocco and are sailing along the Western Sahara, which is 200 plus nautical miles to the East from us. Mauritania with its Cape Blanc will be next before we reach Cabo Verde out in the Atlantic.

I had a sunset dinner, very nice. Tuna is back on the menu card as I took three stakes with me from San Sebastian de La Gomera, which need to be consumed. One is gone, second will be and Omelett tomorrw morning and finally tuna steak on safran risotto rice.

I have learned to manage cooking even in higher waves as its good for the mood.

There will be some photos added here a bit later, again sunset photos. Today was special sunset, not a single cloud and a bit of moon showing up for a short while saying hello.

The wind has increased as predicted to around 20kn and we are a bit faster on the way. Also the current flipped again and gives us an additional 0.3 to 0.5kn speed over ground. It is interessting, that even out here we face hours against the current and supporting us. We have also reached the peak of the mountain top, from now onwards it will be downhill sailing. Less than 400nm left out of the total slightly above 800nm for the overall passage. It is a good milestone reached.

Despite the fact that I feel pretty rested and relaxed the ship´s kobold visited us today for a short while. As ususal I could not exactly understand what she or he was talking about but someone was chitchatting onboard. As I have heard the kobold a few times by now, I have started to ignore. Was just wondering that this mysterium turned up although I am rested. Perhaps not, and I better get some more sleep now.

Fair winds…

🐟…Wahoo again…😋

What to do with 1kg fresh Wahoo filet? To start off, I decided, that my light lunch today will be a Wahoo steak with some Avocado dip, topped with some local grown Thymian. I learned that Avocados are also grown on La Gomera and wonder, what else you cannot get on this island. Still learning every day, but bottom line is, that my learning curve is much steeper compared to the days before this adventure started.😉

Fair winds…

Wahoo steak with Avocado dip.

😋…Wahoo party…👌

Anne and Marcel from SY Zeezot.
Petra, Jan & Tobi from SY Sutje.

It got late last night, well 11:30pm, not to bad. I got invited from Anne and Marcel for a very nice dinner. Wahoo was on the menu, fresh from a local fishing boat. Petra contributed a delicious potato salad and myself the desert, a sweet melon gazpacho.

Wahoo is an interesting and same time healthy and very fine tasting fish. Fresh from the ocean, no farming. First time experience and it stays on my list.

Enjoyed the accompany very much including 🦮 Gara, the lively 8 month dog from a local sanctuary.

Fair winds…

😋…tuna steak à la Babs…👌

Served with a heavy red from a local winemaker.

Amazing recipe for a tuna steak dish, coming from Babs – SY Momentum of Fal – and I wanted Susan to try.

Roasted potato wedges at the bottom, tuna steak on the top and the difference makes the rucola salad as the mid layer getting heated up slightly from bottom and top while you dig in and tend to scoff rather taking it gently.

Tobias Grau joined us for the candle light dinner tonight.

Fair winds…

😋…cooking inspiration…👌

The inspiration for this concept and recipe comes from Elke, Co-Skipper of SY Christina. As I miss Asian food and had some Udon noodles left in the pantry, I decided to give it a go. Quickly purchased the missing ingridients in Puerto del Carmen and heated up the pan after a busy day. We are in the lucky situation to purchase even exotic ingredients somewhere in the supermarket nearby although I could not get fresh beansprouts and spinach so I had to live with canned and frozen alternatives.

Nevertheless, the result encourages me to keep experimenting and to explore the fascination of food. This dish was further proof of the infinite variety of cooking creativity. 

The following video shows you the detailed steps to prepare this exotic dish from South Korea.

Fair winds & good night. 

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