It is still not the weather which makes these days perfect but glad we have time and are not under pressure to move on.

It was 4am in the morning when I got the ultimate idea, what the problem on our slow starting generator might be. The pre-heating relay not doing its job and thus additional crank turns needed, before it reluctantly starts?!? Got a spare relay from the onboard warehouse and the test after replacement indicated: symptoms eliminated, all good again.

Lemon honey pork ribs, J. Oliver.

These days also allow for some decent cooking and I opted for a “Simple One-Pan Wonder” from Jamie Oliver. The local ribs here from the market hall are 90% meat and 10% bones and not vice versa. After two hours slow cooking it is hard to resist any longer. Gorgeous.

Tomorrow we will look into the small leakage from the water maker.

Fair winds…