We just passed midnight and I made a pot of tea, fine Moroccan Mint Tea from a teashop in Arrecife. Not sure why, but it is one of the finest mint teas I have had so far and perhaps the vicinity to Morocco makes the difference. In the meantime we have passed Morocco and are sailing along the Western Sahara, which is 200 plus nautical miles to the East from us. Mauritania with its Cape Blanc will be next before we reach Cabo Verde out in the Atlantic.

I had a sunset dinner, very nice. Tuna is back on the menu card as I took three stakes with me from San Sebastian de La Gomera, which need to be consumed. One is gone, second will be and Omelett tomorrw morning and finally tuna steak on safran risotto rice.

I have learned to manage cooking even in higher waves as its good for the mood.

There will be some photos added here a bit later, again sunset photos. Today was special sunset, not a single cloud and a bit of moon showing up for a short while saying hello.

The wind has increased as predicted to around 20kn and we are a bit faster on the way. Also the current flipped again and gives us an additional 0.3 to 0.5kn speed over ground. It is interessting, that even out here we face hours against the current and supporting us. We have also reached the peak of the mountain top, from now onwards it will be downhill sailing. Less than 400nm left out of the total slightly above 800nm for the overall passage. It is a good milestone reached.

Despite the fact that I feel pretty rested and relaxed the ship´s kobold visited us today for a short while. As ususal I could not exactly understand what she or he was talking about but someone was chitchatting onboard. As I have heard the kobold a few times by now, I have started to ignore. Was just wondering that this mysterium turned up although I am rested. Perhaps not, and I better get some more sleep now.

Fair winds…