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Arriving was yesterday…

We have been back in the marina for the last two nights  to do some scheduled maintenance on rigg, fridge/freezer and generator. In other words, the lady got an all inclusive package for some beauty treatment. It turned out to become time very well invested.

The operation at the open heart of the generator – capacitor replacement – worked out well and ended with a full load test yesterday at 6.5kw while water maker, aircon, kettle, microwave, vacuum cleaner, etc. all switched on subsequently to push power requirements to its peak.

Finally it looks like, we also got a competent person to fix our fridge/freezer issue, which already started in Puerto Calero at the time leaving Lanzarote. It is between mystic and science – seawater temperature and condensation, but I was 100% convinced: the system is drawing too many Ah.

The two units were running by far too often, draining our battery bank. Energy, we were hardly able to compensate for through our solar panels and  the SailingGen, which has been my concept from the beginning. Initial measurements are promising.

As a routine work we also got a rigg inspection performed after 30oonm sailed from Lanzarote to Martinique. It is a good feeling when a professional third party confirms no issues, all in mint conditions. 

One of the last items on the list was grocery shopping. We found out that Leader Price – one of the local supermarkets – has a good selection of products for our needs. The beauty is, that they have their own “dinghy dock”, which makes food stocking convenient in terms of logistics. Lovely!

Tomorrow morning we will be leaving our anchorage here at Saint-Anne heading south, bound for Grenada. Arriving in the Caribbean was yesterday. Another chapter to follow.

Fair winds…


☝️…days flying by…⚓️


…Susan on watch…


  1. Edith & Horst

    Schöne Segeltage und kommt gut nach Grenada. Wir verfolgen Euch online. Grüße H. und E.

    • Ahoi Ihr Lieben,
      danke! Wir haben super Segelbedingungen und rauschen gen Süden.
      Gleich begegnen wir der SY Sutje mit Petra und Jan, die nach Martinique zurück wollen.
      Auch sonst sind einige Segler zwischen den Inseln unterwegs. Vögel umkreisen unser Boot auf der Jagd nach fliegenden Fischen. Ein toller Naturschauspiel.
      Fair winds…
      Susan & Bernd

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