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I could not pass Sottrupskov Bro today without a stop. A very nice anchor spot, which we must have under-evaluated over the past. The weather was charming and the pontoon seems to be usable again, which was not always the case. 

Glad to enjoy another day/night at anchor.

Fair winds…


The sun is back 🌞


Sønderborg Nordhavnen


  1. Timo

    Hi, it was me who waved at you this morning when you turned to Alsfjord. I spent the night at Arnkils Hug and have just arrived at Torø Red near Assens. Will have the boat up on Sunday for bottom cleaning, smeared bottom paint and back in the water on Wednesday. I noticed your boat’s name because I know Finnish. Sincerely. Timo

    • Hi Timo,

      thanks for contacting.

      It was hard to understand you while passing by today but I clearly recall our encounter. I could not catch the name of your boat but perhaps you can share. I will stay for the night here in Sottrupskov and move to Sønderborg tomorrow morning. Nice anchorage here. Finally we will haul out mid October in Kappeln/Germany.

      You must have had a beautiful sail to Torø Red today, a bay I am familiar with as I anchored there myself some years ago. Wishing you good luck with the upcoming works. I am curious, where you are planning to winterize.

      Fair winds…

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