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Early Jump Start

50 nautical miles ahead of us. Next stop shall be Lyø in the 🇩🇰 South Sea. Good start into the week!

Good Night!

…nice anchorage…

Boaties taking the chance to get out onto the water at one of the last warm late season weekend days.

…arriving Heiligenhafen…

Having a nice ‘‘Pasta de Mojo‘‘ now here at the ⚓️ in Heiligenhafen.

It was great late summer sailing today, the light show came with it, so did the traffic. So many sailors out keeping me on my toes. I am still not used to this. 

Planning to stay for two nights, then catch the good southerly wind under blue sky, predicted for Monday. This shall bring me into the 🇩🇰 South Sea.

Fair winds & good night!

…leaving Neustadt…

While leaving I ended up in the middle of a starting regatta field. I am heading for the 🇩🇰 South Sea!

HR Germany

After less than 1nm we have now taken berth at the Ancora Marina just a bit outside Neustadt. I have an appointment with HR Germany to help me with the conservation of the watermaker. This is needed before we lift out the lady for the winter storage. More than two years ago I was also here for the same reason but at that time we commissioned it to have it ready for our adventures.

In the meantime, it is completed and another item ticked off the list.

Fair winds…

…stormy days in Neustadt…

It‘s good to be where we are! Wind is blowing 30kn plus, 8/8 cloud coverage but no rain and surprisingly warm.

After some recovery from our overnight trip we are back in boat work mode. While ticking one box off, I feel, two new items are getting added. I think this is normal during the current phase we are in but soon it should be vice versa. Two ticked off and only one new task added. That will be good.

I will make sure there is enough time for dolce vita, no worries. It feels, as if I am slowly starting to digest this journey.

Fair winds…

CPH to BRD – Logblog 4

The sun is back after around 11h and we are arriving just in time, well before the wind takes a more southerly, unfavorable direction later today.

Although pretty tired, this was an exciting and rewarding passage. I am glad to spend some time in Neustadt and enjoy a local  “Fischbrötchen“.

Only 100nm left to close the Boating & Biking Adventure where it all began.

Fair winds…

The Marina in Neustadt is nicely embedded into a fjord type of arrangement. Nice, quite & friendly.

🙋‍♂️…heading back…🛫

🎶🎶…reading departure signs in some big airports reminds me of the places I’ve been…🎶🎶 ©️Jimmy Buffet - Changes In Latitude, Changes In Attitude

☝️…Emergency Sat Phone…📞

We have decided to add a satellite phone to our safety equipment.  It will be placed in the grab-bag and used solely for emergency purposes – medical calls or abandon ship situations.
Although we already have other measures in place, depending on the actual situation, the satellite phone will close a small niche while providing peace of mind. Hopefully we will never have to use it.
Fair winds…

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