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Pumpkin à la Faial…😋

I had some pumpkin left, which I got from Babs. Made a spagetti dish out of it with  ham, carrot, plenty of garlic in melted Gorgonzola, topped with Sao Jorge 12month aged cheese flakes. Pumpkin is  a good superfood with a lot of nutrients. Keeps fresh for a long time. Made for boaties. Fair winds…

Fiesta Nacional de Espãna

Today is national day in Spain devoted to Columbus discovering America on 12th October 1492.  To me it was Leif Eriksson in 1021 but that can obviously be debated. What does it really matter?!? It was another sugar day in paradise.🙏

I celebrate with a good fresh tuna steak from the Pescadéria in Puerto del Carmen and a spanish red. Besides that, some projects got completed but others have opened up. As a boaty you can be happy, if the To Do List stays constant rather than getting longer every day. Fair winds…

😋…Melon of Santa Maria…😋

Apart from many other excellent fruits and vegetables cultivated across the Azores,  the melon produced only here on Santa Maria Island requires special attention. With a splash of Kefir into its core and a spoon to dig into it, you will not stop until hitting the pure bark. They call it a gastronomic wonder.

Extremely tempting!

☝️…Lapas grelhadas…😋

The culinary adventure continuous. I went to the market hall today and my objective was to get a fresh Veja fish filet again before heading South. Besides Tuna and Cavala I like this Veja fish, fresh from the ocean, very much. Hm…no Veja catch last night…plan B had to come into play. Instead they had limpets, fresh from Pico, the neighbouring island.

Got half a kilo of slugs and a pack of Bolo do Caco with a decent bottle of rosé wine from Alentejo to go with it.

My goodness! The food world is endless…full time job to explore!😂

Fair winds…

😋…Culinary fortnight…😋

Quality days in Ponta Delgada exploring new fish, meat, cheese, etc. dishes. Culinary adventures.

😋…PDL Food Supply…😋

I think the fresh food supply here in Ponta Delgada is one of the best among the Atlantic Islands I have visited so far. The market hall – although under refurbishment – has got impressive choice of fruits and vegetables at very local prices and excellent quality. The same applies for the fish area, where you can only get local fresh fish.

After a series of tuna sessions, I opted today for a Parrot Fish. Got two filets cut out of the whole fish and threw in my limited cooking skills to prepare the dish. I was hungry after the bike ride.

Besides some seasonal mixed vegetables, I fried the fish filet in olive oil and Teriyaki sauce while adding some sesame seeds.

😋 Yummy. Not the last time.

Fair winds…

🚴‍♂️🍷…Manuel Rainha…🍸🚴‍♂️

It was a pleasant ride today along the eastern coastline with a clear target destination. I was up to taste the “Liquor de Mel Real” produced by Manuel Rainha and his team.
Well known hospitality of the Azores came into play and I ended up with an order of four different products, which will be delivered to the marina tomorrow! No doubt, it was worth the trip!
Fair winds…

☝️…local fresh tuna…🐟

Besides delicious local beef & cheese there is an active fishing industry on Santa Maria. Among other species fresh tuna is offered in the market hall downtown. Improving my frying skills. 😋

Andibrot 🥖 & Lanzarote 🧀

Carlos with roots from Colombia.

Based on valuable recommendations from Elke & Ulli skippering SY Christina, I had to check out two locations: One german driven bakery and one farmer making and selling his own goat cheese – both having remarkable stories and products to offer. Together with a dry local white vine, another sugar day has come along…
The location of the farm required to go 2.5km off-road but apart from some short corrugated stretches the Roubaix 🚴‍♂️ handled it very well.
Fair winds…

🥂…Barbecue on ⛵️ Hexe…🍗

Another Friday on SY Hexe: crews from SY Lippische Rose, SY Jojo, SY Geronimo & SY Hullu Poro

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