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🫵…all 2 👐 on deck!

Anchor is up and looks a bit shabby! Bye-bye Martinique! It was a great pleasure! La vie Française!

…Lemon Friday…

In solo sailor days, there are not only Champagne Fridays, there are also Lemon Fridays. Today is one of the latter Fridays.

It is 8:30pm local time and I have just returned back on board while AF895 is taking off from Fort-de-France (FDF) to Paris (CDG).

I am getting some pasta dish done between these lines. The portlight over the pantry oven is open. We have 29℃ in the boat. No wind. Calm see. No swell. Spot lighting from all directions, the land, the sea, the anchorage, the sky. The moon has joined, four more days to another full moon.

Eighty two days ago, Susan arrived on São Vicente/Cabo Verde. She is now on the plane AF895 back to Europe, which makes it a Lemon Friday for me. Yes, everyone was aware of the rules. I remain deeply grateful for the time and adventures we shared together besides being very impressed by the iron discipline Susan puts into the job.

I have now granted myself a subscription for an indefinite retreat to overcome this Lemon Friday soonest. It shall be governed by a benevolently Lady, pleasant weather and some great upcoming nature adventures on Dominica.

I have checked out from Martinique and the Lady is ready to explore new shores, where different rules will apply.

Fair winds…


🌋 Pelée – no clouds

I was hunting for this photo since arrival in Saint-Pierre and finally got the moment showing Mount Pelėe without any clouds.

The devastating eruption in 1902 is considered as the most deadliest outbreak of a volcano globally during the 20th century, killing approximately 30’000 people and leaving 18 merchant ships as wrecks in the bay!

Looks peaceful but officialy is still considered active.

Fair winds…

…enjoying the scene…

I was strolling around in Saint-Pierre town this morning and ended up walking along the beach. The moderate trade winds are still providing very pleasant anchorage without swell. Cornelia and Volker did set sail this morning heading north. We will follow them later the week.😀

Over a coffee I witnessed another fishing technic applied by the local fishermen. Good catch!

Fair winds…

…a night à la Avicii…

Yesterday was one of the frequent evenings we have spent together with Cornelia and Volker from SY Hexe, either on their super spacious comfortable catamaran or on our tiny cosy monohull. Both boats create a homely maritime environment.

It reminds me at DJ Avicii’s song “The Nights” and if you don’t know the lyrics you might check them now! An ultimate ode to living life.

Fair winds…

☝️…Sargassum seaweed…🧐

With the current weakness of the trade winds the Sargassum seaweed made its way around the island’s hook. A broad stripe supported by the light westerly thermal winds in the afternoon hours moved towards the shore – straight through the anchoring boats. After 15 minutes it hit the sandy beach, which needs some cleaning now…

Not a natural wonder but at least an interesting natural spectacle.

Fair winds…

🌋…Vulcano Mount Pelée…🌋

I was trying to catch the crater rim of Mount Pelée since we arrived but clouds always covered the last bit of the mountain top. The sunny weather today with light winds partly coming from West (!) cleared the last bit occasionally giving this anchorage some extra charm. Fair winds…

😋…L’Alsace A Kay…😋

After a sundowner on SY Hullu Poro with Cornelia and Volker over a dramatic sunset we went to a restaurant offering authentic Alsace food and wine. 

The atmosphere was cosy and the pork knuckle juicy.

Highly recommended, if you get a chance.

Fair winds…

👍…Habitation Céron…👌

It all started in Saint-Pierre with a nice road ride along the northwest coastline of Martinique. Together with Cornelia and Volker, we wanted to explore the rain forest, represented by the Habitation Céron.

The photos reflect some impressions of what we have seen. A playground for kids and adults, so much fascinating to learn and explore. I wonder what we did not recognise although our eyes kept hunting for details of natural wonders.

Fair winds…

The trees and bushes are so massive and appear very healthy. Besides cacao there is also coffee being cultivated within this eco system today. It all started in the 17th century with a candy factory, which left some ruins until today. The gardens is putting you back in time while being very present!

We also enjoyed the flowers from all over the world. Very fascinating, what mother nature has created here under the volcano Mount Pelée. The nature survived the last dramatic eruption, which dates back to 1902.

…Fishermen Collage…

I had the first morning coffee in the cockpit when the fishermen did throw the floating fishing net next to our boat. It became a perfect circle and without any hesitation they pulled it in again for the catch of the day, which was of minor nature without any big surprises. A pélican passed by hoping for an easy petit déjeuner.

Good entertainment for the start of a day.

Fair winds…

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