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Marina Rivière Sens

After a short and pleasant sail we have reached the capital of Guadeloupe, Basse-Terre. Sud Ancrage is a small marina with a few berth for visitors about 3km South of the city centre. We could fetch a berth here for three nights to explore the area on the bike while getting some boat work done.

We were 67 days without interruptions at anchorages and more recent also moorings. It feels good to be back in a marina for a few days before moving on. Next marina stay planned: Azores!

Fair winds…

…hopping over…

We have left our mooring next to Plain de Sucre (in the background of the photo above) here on Terre-de-Haut and are now heading over to Guadeloupe. Unfortunately we missed the snorkelling in this bay due to stronger winds coming through tomorrow onwards and I prefer some better shelter. Otherwise we might have stayed a couple of days longer.

However, our voyage schedule does not leave too many spare days either and preparations for our Atlantic crossing return are ongoing.

Fair winds…


The #1 means of transportation on this island are golf carts. #2 will be e-bikes as there are quite some ups and downs to be managed. Plenty of places to hire these vehicles. Glad I got my own bike with me to get around. My morning ride took me once around and up to the hill top of Le Chameau. Fair winds…

Sunset – Îles des Saintes

I enjoyed this view over my sundowner tonight taken onboard from the cockpit: unspoiled view!

⚓️…Îles des Saintes…🧐

It was a very pleasant sail today, only 20nm but in perfect conditions with 20kn of wind straight on the beam and a friendly wave. We are back in Europe!

I grabbed a mooring buoy in front of the Hotel Bois Joli, which is located on Terre-de-Haut, one of the main islands of the group.

My first impression: different, interesting, let’s see!

Fair winds…

🙋‍♂️…Goodbye Dominica!

Our time has come and we have to move on, further North. Plans are in place.

There is little to add to the video and the lyrics of the National Anthem, which embraces country, nature and its people in a perfect manner. They live it. Enjoy.

I am grateful for the fabulous time spent on the “The Nature Island”.

Fair winds…

🚴‍♂️…Mero Beach !

Today was my final ride on Dominica. It took me from Portsmouth along the Westcoast to Mero Beach, a place Volker from SY Hexe recommended earlier. Very nice spot and definitely worth a stop at their anchorage next time.

I expected more traffic on this North – South – Highway but numbers remain low even during rush hour. Nice ride, nothing extraordinary but good leg training with all the ups and downs.

Not uncommon that loud music booms in on your ways throughout Dominica. During a pit stop to get some drinking water the music was coming from the opposite bar, still closed but the owner was busy cleaning and music seems to help. Also hens and cocks are all over the place.

Fair winds…

…April Weather…

The weather this morning invites for a slow start and a second cup of coffee. It remains a bit unpredictable, early morning duck pond with no wind, couple of hours later pouring and 20kn gusting. Minutes later, blue sky and sunshine. Glad I took the bike ride yesterday.

Slowly we will plan for our departure.

Fair winds…

PAYS – Farewell Dinner

The first ever PAYS Yachting Festival 2023 endet with a closing function celebrated at Fort Shirley. It seems to be a given, that part of these functions is not only a live celebration of the Dominican Anthem but also a short prayer is included in the program. Both are another true reflection of the Dominican culture.

Speeches, appreciations towards employees & supporters, quiz game, incredible bongo band, delicious food, free flow of rum punch, etc. Towards the end, it took the DJ five beats until the dance floor was getting busy. 

Even Miss Dominica 2023 turned up!

A big THANK YOU to PAYS and all people involved for a great festival week in a spectacular country with very warmhearted people.

Fair winds…

🚴‍♂️…Nothern Circle…👌

It became time for another ride on “The Nature Island”. Sunday morning, Daniel must have had a hard night and did not pick me up at 6am as agreed. Took my own dinghy instead and off we went!

Although the terrain is partly a bit steep and I had to walk the bike along, it was worth every bit of pain. The exceptional Cold Soufriere on the return part of the trip leaves more questions open than before. Why cold? Why muddy water here and crystal clear water there? Etc.

I am glad, that at least I got my butt out of the bunk this morning.

Fair winds…

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