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…another night @ sea…

⛵️…Dear Funchal – Goodbye…⛵️

The journey continues after seven weeks on the island of Madeira. It has been a marvelous time and before throwing the lines I made a reservation for 2022, passing by on the way to the Azores at that time.

We are now heading over to Lanzarote/Spain, a two night sail and if the weather follows its own forecast, it should be a smooth and relaxed sail as shown on the weather routing below.

A new chapter has started.

Fair winds…

☝️…Mast Lift System…🧐

Today I deployed the new mast lift system and went up to the first spreader bar only. As I have to overcome some fear of heights and get used to it, the start was slow but I felt comfortable at all times with this self-pulling system. Next time perhaps the second spreader bar will be the goal. The decision for this system was driven by the fact that no further assistance is needed and you can get into the mast on your own – it works. 

Fair winds…

Espada – traditional food #4

Cooked tonight one of my favourite local dishes originated from Madeira: “Espada com banana” (black scabbard fish with banana) accompanied by some local sweet potatoes and vegetables. First I was suspicious about the combination of banana with fish but…very yummy! 😋

Fair winds… 

🎥…Vereda do Urzal (PR 2)…🎞

Espetada – traditional food #3

My hike today ended in the restaurante “O Lager Antiguidades”, which means “The antique wine press”. Besides local wine they serve Espetadas, freshly grilled over a fireplace. Three options: beef, pork or chicken. They are served with sweet potato or salad but I think sweet potato is more traditional here in Madeira. After the hike I felt more attracted by a beer rather than trying the local wine. Afterwards, it was a hard 500m walk to the bus station but luckily all downhill.

Fair winds…

Hike – Vereda do Urzal (PR 2)

🚴‍♂️…Funchal TT…🚴‍♂️

I joined the local riders tonight on a circular time trail (TT) training around the marina. As per Komoot, one circle is around 3.33km. It is flat, no traffic lights, two roundabouts only, moderate traffic movements and only one direction: full throttle!

As you can see on the photos, I got overtaken left and right although my average speed is not that bad?!? The reason is obviously the equipment and I believe I need a new bike! 😉 Lighter, ceramic bearings, racing tyres, more aero in the design, etc.

Fair winds…

Francesinha – traditional food #2

I was told that you can get the best Francesinha dish in this tiny local restaurant called “A Francesinha”, which is only a short ride from the marina. The atmosphere is nice and the food lived up to my expectations but the short bike ride will not compensate for the additional calories consumed.

Fair winds…

🚴‍♂️…Leg test to Santa Cruz…🚴‍♂️

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