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Fedje – Biking

After 72 hours the wind has started to calm down and my long awaited bike ride came back onto the top of the list.

Although the total length of the island’s tarmac is in the range of 30km covering each and every house and side track, I opted for a short trip and paid a second visit to the lighthouse at the southwest tip of the island.

Tomorrow is a no wind day!

Fair winds…

Two gales / week

They take it easy! Weekend.
Finally he hit the driveway!

Second gale within a week’s time! This time hitting us from North direction peaking at 38kn @ 3am last night. Wave forecast just 5nm West from Fedje is 4m at 8s period. Crazy!

While Susan heard the shaking in the early morning hours, I enjoyed some good deep sleep thanks to my ear plugs. I am glad, that we are in a well protected spot.

We keep watching for our weather window to come, improve our attitude towards patience and cope with each moment of the days.

Fair winds…

More Fedje Impressions

My butt got itchy and it was time for another walk across this fascinating island. It feels, as if we are back in April and after finding a weather window between two showers I headed off to explore the Northwest corner, not far from the boat.

The showers  passed along at distance, the sky quickly opens up and sun, clouds and sea frame the light show. The landscape provides plenty of requisites, including a sheep not believing that it stopped raining.

Fair winds…

Fedje – Community Walk

The Fedje slogan – village on the ocean – seems to be very much justified taking into account, that on today‘s 11km strolling tour through parts of the community, you hardly find a spot, where you will not see water when turning your head around. At least there is no other village coming to my mind matching this characteristic, taking floating villages is Asia aside.

I have fully adapted to the slow pace of the island. My work schedule falls behind, nothing critical.

Fair winds…

Norwegian Gale Day

The latest forecast added a few knots and the gale is touching severe gale conditions now, which corresponds with 9 Beaufort. The closest weather station in Stormark here on Fedje reported actual wind of 39kn, pretty accurate to the forecast. In 6 hours the fury will have moved on. At least this is a short intermezzo but still intense. We picked a good spot to overcome the second gale within 2 month an 2 weeks, since splashing in Kappeln.

My work/leisure program below deck is either accompanied by loud music to overtune the wind‘s howling or ear plugs during a short nap.

Lunch time!

Fair winds…

Fedje‘s Peak @ 42m

Another hike took me to the highest elevation on Fedje. It is only 42m above sea level but offers a great view across the island. On some of the lakes, the water lilies start to open up adding some more colour to the overall picture. The sun will take a break.

Tomorrow, there will be a gale going through. Gusts up to 45kn are forecasted associated with all day rain. We have numerous lines of defence out and shall be alright.

Fair winds…

Fedjebjørnen, appears higher than it really is.

I went fishing 🎣

My first bite was this wonderful starfish with kelp, unfortunately not famous to be delicious.

I decided to go fishing today and got the dinghy out to catch some seafood for dinner. After one hour there were three haddocks and one cod in my bucket! Catch number five was a bit too small and went back to the sea.

Everything was freshly made into a delicious fried rice with an Asian and Indian spice mix. My skills in filleting fish show some room for improvement.

Fair winds…

🚶‍♀️‍➡️…Fedje hiking…🚶‍♂️

I am glad Susan accepted another Komoot invite for a hike on Fedje. Our after work actvity got completed before the Champagner Friday kicked in. All a bit late but what does it matter with a sunset time of 10:55 pm at the moment!

Fair winds & Good Night!

Back in Fedje

We are now back in Fedje, where our journey into the Sognefjord started 10 days ago. At that time we knew, that Fedje is a place to return to and we now have the opportunity to explore “the village on the ocean” further as it looks like as if we will stay here for a little while due to the weather forecast.

Fair winds…


Our short trip today from Eivindvik to Skjerjehamn took us through some very picturesque landscape including passing Kiparsundet.

While Skjerjehamn was one of the largest trading ports in Western Norway during the first half of the 20th century, it has now been revitalized by some privat investors keeping local values together. Very nice concept!

Fair winds…

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