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🧭…Navigator’s round table…🗺

Today morning, four navigators met for a round table discussion on SY Hullu Poro to exchange their views and get an introduction to the basic functions of weather routing with my preferred program called qtVlm. While the program itself provides functionality for complete navigation, our focus was on weather routing only. I have used it twice only, first from Porto to Funchal and second from Funchal to Lanzarote. On both passages it worked well with minor deviations and surprises.

This software was initially introduced to me by Uwe (call sign DD1HUR), who is one of the Netcontrols within the Intermar e.V. association.

Fair winds to all…

From right to left: Cornelia (SY Hexe), Rainer (SY Geronimo), Achim (SY Jojo), myself


Rainer, skipper SY Geronimo, said: 11am we throw the lines! Volker (SY Hexe), Achim (SY Jojo) and myself were on time as by no means we wanted to miss it.

🚴‍♂️…Ferreteria Arrecife…🚴‍♂️

Another fight against the wind took me to Arrecife today. Besides checking out the Specialized Concept 🚴‍♂️ Store I am chasing some fittings to install our new Seagull IV water filter underneath the sink in the cold water line towards the tap. It is part of an improvement project to ensure constant water quality for making delicious tea despite changing water supplies from varying marinas. Ferreteria is the Spanish word for hardware store, very well sorted.

I also had the opportunity to visit Jutta and Willi from SY Leonie. They have now arrived from Porto Santo/Portugal in Arrecife and we had to update each other on sailor’s fairy tales over the last few weeks since we met in Funchal. We are sharing the same adventure, spending the winter in the Canary Islands before heading North again towards the Azores.
Thanks for the coffee and cake!

Cycling in these winds is a new experience. They are not particular strong, perhaps 20 to 25kts, but the impact on the bike and its rider is remarkable. It’s worth another blog entry.

 Fair winds…

Christmas baking…

Today, at the first Sunday of Advent, I gratefully joined some very delicious home backed Christmas cookies made by Cornelia, Corinna and Ulrike on SY Hexe! Thank you very much! 👌

☝️…dinner for 7…👌

Black Friday and we had another start into the weekend meeting on SY Hexe for a TO gathering. I had the honour and pleasure to play chef in the kitchen of an Outremer 5X, according to its skipper Volker the one and only performance catamaran without any alternatives on the market – not only in terms of space in the pantry, or better kitchen area. The Paella was later-on complemented by a delicious chocolate mousse lovely decorated in a maritime style by Corinna from SY Geronimo. Another very nice evening of TO members brought together sharing their individual true fairy tales as live-aboards in a very amicable and relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to all!

Fair winds…

TO gathering: Crews of SY Hexe, SY Jojo, SY Geronimo, SY Hullu Poro // Photos: ©️Volker

🤿…Snorkelling @ Playa Chica…🤿

Together with Rainer – skipper of SY Geronimo & TO member – we went to Playa Chica at Puerto del Carmen today for  some snorkelling. Although the water temperature is around 21ºC, we preferred to take the shorties to stay longer in the water. We have been told by Volker from SY Hexe, that this is one of the best snorkelling grounds here on Lanzarote. Indeed, we were impressed by a friendly welcome from different species of colourful fish. A good training for my upcoming diving course mid December. I am tempted to go again…

Fair winds…

🚴‍♂️…Rubicon again…🚴‍♂️

Different reasons took me back to Marina Rubicon again today. Firstly, I wanted to check in the chandlery store, what engine oil they have as I am planning an oil change on the engine – no luck. Secondly, I wanted to say “Ahoy” to Petra and Jan from SY Sutje. After a relaxed cup of tea, we turned the boat to be ready for the next voyage. Finally, I had to crack the climb from South to North at Femés. Last time I failed, had to dismantle the bike twice to get over it but this time I fought it through to the top, also cheered up by the paint brush on its way. Fair winds…

Get-together on SY Hexe

Second time I was invited to join a get-together on SY Hexe –  Cornelia and Volker‘s way to start the weekend. Their hospitality and support is so generous, leaving memorable evenings with good discussions, exchange, laughter and new friendships before falling asleep. Thank you! 

Farewell to SY Thetis…🙋‍♂️

Ute and Hermann are now heading West and will finally join the Viking Explorers Rally crossing the Atlantic. Good reason for a farewell party joined by Diane and Howard (SY Copepod) and Corinna and Rainer (SY Geronimo). Fair winds and following seas…

🙋‍♂️ Piccolina arriving…

Yesterday, we did welcome Steffi and Rolf arriving in Póvoa de Varzim on their SY Piccolina – a very well maintained HR42E. They both completed a non-stop trip from Azores and are Trans-Ocean & Intermar members. An interesting couple and journey, which you can read more about on their website under this link.
Fair winds…

Lovely four hours talking cock-and-bull-stories with Steffi & Rolf (SY Piccolina) and Petra & Jan (SY Sutje) onboard of SY Hullu Poro. It could have gone on and much good stuff to share. 👍

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