We are running down the western side of Fuerteventura heading for Pasito Blanco on Gran Canaria with an ETA tomorrow before lunch time.

A short stop-over is planned in Pasito Blanco for two very good reasons:
A) Reunite with Petra and Jan from SY Sutje joining the passage down to Cape Verde and perhaps later-on to the Caribbean. They have been in the boatyard to get their lady ready.
B) Meeting Babs and René from SY Momentum of Fal again. Perhaps time allows to have another bike ride together. They are currently in the boaryard at Pasito Blanco.

With the help of Jan, our reservation got confirmed, which is not a given at this time of the year, where peak season is in full swing with many yachts heading over to the Carribean.

Wind is a bit low but normally increasing during the day before taking a breather over night. This is the standard wind pattern I have observed during the time here on the Canary Islands. Exceptions as ususal.

Taking rest to be fresh for the upcoming full moon night, which heavily influenced my departure date.

Fair winds…