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Anholt – one week plus

After more than a week slowdown we need to move on. Great late summer stay, enjoying peaceful nordic nature, freshwater swimming in the baltic and good accompany like our neighbours Christine & Gregor from SY Aegir. 

Fair winds…

🚴‍♂️…easy biking…🚴‍♂️

We are enjoying this fantastic island, either on foot or by bike. It is small but once you reduce the pace there are many things to discover, which we never appreciated on our previous visits. Weather and temperatures allow, or better invite, for the daily swim in the sea or just relaxing while absorbing the warmth from the sun.

Boat work is progressing slowly in accordance with the natural pace adhering to this land pile in the sea, called Anholt.

SY Magic Cloud with Johannes and his cheerful crew left this morning while we decided to stay on for a few more days.

Fair winds

Magic Cloud – Surprise Visit !

It came as a surprise when SY Magic Cloud  came into the marina during the late evening hours. Johannes and his crew are returning from Norway to Kiel after their summer trip.

The two ladies have met more than two years ago at the very early days of our adventure. Link! A lot to catch-up.

Fair winds…

16th June 2021 in the Kiel Canal.

TO-Lossegler 2022

Enjoy & see you in Horta, sooner or later! 😂 

…Bermuda rain day…

Its rather grey today here in Bermuda and we have not seen the sun all day. Some drizzle here and there but nothing serious.

About a dozen boats are currently in waiting position here at the anchorage in St. George. Waiting for the weather window to come through but patience is a sought-after competence at the moment, which shall not be too difficult in a place like Bermuda, especially as the sun will be back tomorrow. A couple of boats left already, probably fixed schedule driven. We can wait.

Running list of SY visiting one of the 175 TO Bases spread around the world.

The TO Base here in Bermuda is in St. George but we have not made contact yet and it remains on the To-Do-List.

Some boat work, afternoon nap…and another day is gone.

Fair winds…


⛵️…5x sailing thrill…👍

Rainer and myself got an invite from Cornelia and Volker for a daysail on SY Hexe, an impressive state of the art Outremer Performance Catamaran. It took us along the West coast of Guadeloupe.

Despite the fact that the trip was short it turned out not to be less impressive. Totally different animal compared to our monohull.

In short, another lady sensitive to the wind providing ample space for living!

Thank you!

Fair winds…

…known neighbors …

I had new neighbors over the last two days. Biggi and Jan moored up with catamaran Rare Breed just next to us. What a pleasant surprise! We have met first time for a sundowner in Brunsbüttel at the time this adventure started. Unfortunately we only made it for a coffee as their stopover on the way South was short but that‘s how sailor‘s life works.

Wishing them both fair winds and hope our wake lines will cross again!

Fair winds…

SY Rare Breed - Broadblue Prestige 38

GGR – the girl !

The Golden Globe Race started 4th September last year and is in its final phase. More than half of the participants dropped out and the leading group is currently fighting for glory in adverse winds down in the South Atlantic.

The girl – Kirsten Neuschäfer – is still leading but under the gun from close competitors. To me, she is the winner already, having rescued one fellow sailor’s live and helped one while hitting the shores of Fuerteventura.

Lennie Gallant has dedicated a very nice song to Kirstin and her boat – Minnehaha. Very nice and inspiring.

Soon, we will also be on serious ocean sailing again and I look forward to the days out at sea, although nothing comparable to the GGR. Nevertheless, we have more than 3500nm ahead of us within this year.

For now, cross fingers, Kirstin brings the victory home to Les Sables D’Olonne and writes sailing history along the same lines Ellen Mac Author did in 2005.

Courtesy to the producers of this fantastic video. Enjoy!

Fair winds…

…a night à la Avicii…

Yesterday was one of the frequent evenings we have spent together with Cornelia and Volker from SY Hexe, either on their super spacious comfortable catamaran or on our tiny cosy monohull. Both boats create a homely maritime environment.

It reminds me at DJ Avicii’s song “The Nights” and if you don’t know the lyrics you might check them now! An ultimate ode to living life.

Fair winds…

…sorry, another one…

Another sunset during today’s Champagne Friday with Cornelia & Volker over a delicious risotto.

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