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🙋‍♂️ Piccolina arriving…

Yesterday, we did welcome Steffi and Rolf arriving in Póvoa de Varzim on their SY Piccolina – a very well maintained HR42E. They both completed a non-stop trip from Azores and are Trans-Ocean & Intermar members. An interesting couple and journey, which you can read more about on their website under this link.
Fair winds…

Lovely four hours talking cock-and-bull-stories with Steffi & Rolf (SY Piccolina) and Petra & Jan (SY Sutje) onboard of SY Hullu Poro. It could have gone on and much good stuff to share. 👍

⚓️ Baiona – Columbus landfall

Early Sundowner at anchor in Baiona on SY Sutje together with the crews from SY Lady Blue, SY Maupiti and SY Hullu Poro. Fair winds to all...🙋‍♂️

After leaving Cies Islands earlier today we have dropped the anchor at Baiona, just 10 nautical miles further South. This will be most likely my last stop in Galicia. I will move into the Monte Real Club de Yates Marina tomorrow for two nights and heard that there is a festival over the weekend in town…🧐

👌 A warm welcome…⚓️

Approaching Cies Island and dropping the ⚓️ next to SY Maupiti and SY Sutje.
SY Sutje with Petra and Jan ⚓️ at Cies Island.
A nice welcome cake from Petra! Thank you!

⚓️…Enseada da Barra…👍

This sandy beach is just opposite Vigo and very populated by boats and people enjoying the summer. I have anchored next to SY Maupiti and SY Dawn, who I met before, both members of Trans-Ocean e.V.!

TO gathering in Cherbourg

SY malwieder, SY Colette, SY Dawn, SY Maupiti, SY Jan van Gent, SY Rare Breed and SY Hullu Poro met for a very nice casual sundowner today in Cherbourg. It is one of the more than 100 TO support points around the world.

Another night impression

SY Colette with Wolfgang, Lukas and 🐕‍🦺 Lucky sailing alongside SY Hullu Poro passing Zeebrugge.

So sad…🙁

Unfortunately this is part of the adventure. You meet lovely people, spend quality time with them and all of a sudden you have to separate. The other aspect is that technical issues are part of boat life. We were all ready to throw the lines when Ralf stepped next to our boat…”it looks like our journey stops here…”. A serious engine issue which needs further investigation. We brainstormed and concluded, this will not take hours to fix but rather days/weeks. It could happen anytime to anyone but lucky here it was in the port and not at sea. Very sad and puzzled we had to leave SY “malwieder” with Inge & Ralf behind and headed out to the sea. As Inge and Ralf are able to fix literally anything and everything on their amazing boat, I am confident that we will see these great couple again in near future somewhere further South. Fair winds…  

Antipasti party…

Antipasti party with Lukas, Wolfgang, Inge and Ralf on ⛵️ Colette.

TO ⛵️ squadron…

TO ⛵️ squadron on its way to Helgoland: SY Malwieder, SY Colette & SY Hullu Poro

TO navigation pencil…

During my visit to the TO Cuxhaven office, the symbolic navigation pencil has been handed over to me today. Another clear sign that the journey has started.

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