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Anholt – too short 😕

Another head start early morning catching the sunrise at sea. It was a quite night without even the ferry waking me up once.

With the wind having taken an easterly angle, it is a bit more chilly but perfect conditions to get up to Lerkil in Sweden, where Mattias is waiting for the lady to start the upholstery replacement job.

Last project until the next one turns up on the list.

Fair winds…

⚓️ Yderhavn Syd – Anholt

After an uneventful day of motor sail, we have dropped the anchor in the southern bay of Anholt Havn. I am not bothered with any lines and fenders.😅

Fair winds…

⚓️ Ballen – Samsø 🇩🇰

We have reached our destination for the night after some good sailing, finally under blue sky. The wind is a bit erratic today gusting between 15kn and 30+kn in no time. Stupid.

The anchorage aside the Ballen Marina is quite picturesque but small. Not a problem at all this time of the year. There is one boat in the marina and ourselves at anchor, that‘s it.

I am going to call it a day now. 😅

Fair winds…


After some good hours of sleep at Hejlsminde Nor ⚓️, the tide schedule pushed me out of the bunk at 5am. I wanted to catch the tidal current going North through the Lillebælt. It granted us at peak an additional 1.5kn on the speed over ground, which is significant.

The weather stays dynamic. The rain shall stop in an hour and blue sky is promised for the rest of the day with some stronger winds up to 30kn.

Fair winds…

…good morning…

⚓️…Schlei return…

After quite some rainy & relaxing period we returned back into the Schlei Fjord today. We dropped the anchor for another night stop before mooring into Kappeln tomorrow lunch time at high waters. Some ‘‘To Dos“ on the list.

Fair winds…

A lazy Happy Easter…


It was a mixed sail today from Årø to Sottrupskov, where we dropped the anchor for the night, or maybe longer.

Sunny spells hand in hand with drizzling rain now and then, April weather in late March. Erratic winds gusting up to 30kn on the nose handled by a motivated crew while tacking into the Als Sund (via lunch ⚓️ stop-over into Sandvig) kept us warm and on our toes.

Green Shakshouka is getting ready for the table!

Fair winds…


We enjoyed the way out of the Haderslev Fjord and have now dropped the ⚓️ in front of Årø Havn.

There is tempting food scent coming out of the pantry area and soon we will be enjoying Kale & Sausage Stew à la Jamie Oliver, our favorite chef.

Fair winds… 


Besides the picturesque park close to the city center, Haderslev offers plenty of historical buildings around the old town and pedestrian zone.

As some rain was coming through in the afternoon, we took the chance for another short city walk at a dry spot.

Fair winds…

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