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Sønderborg Nordhavnen

A hidden gem (small sector light) in operation!
Traditional ships tied up to have a good time!

After only 4nm motoring along the Alssund we have reached our next destination. It‘s a while, almost three years ago, when we visited Sønderborg, last time mid October 2020. I prefer the Nordhavnen, which has seen a nice development over the years and is more quite compared to the Sydhavnen on the other side of the bridge.

Have a great Sunday.

Fair winds…


I could not pass Sottrupskov Bro today without a stop. A very nice anchor spot, which we must have under-evaluated over the past. The weather was charming and the pontoon seems to be usable again, which was not always the case. 

Glad to enjoy another day/night at anchor.

Fair winds…

The sun is back 🌞

Sailing down the Als Fjord. Not sure, if we should ⚓️ another night before heading into Sønderborg.


We are at ⚓️ in Dyvig and after a shower passing through the sky opened up a bit. Good night!

Dyvig via Faaborg

My works on the teak deck have been completed, for now. I will give it another layer of Boracol before the lady goes into its well deserved winter break mid October.

The nice late summer weather seem to take a break as well. The blue sky is now hidden behind the clouds and some drops of rain caught us on the way to Faaborg this morning, where I quickly topped up some Diesel. Ambient temperature is still pleasant above 20°C and I decided to move on as there is some good southwesterly wind forecasted  for a short while taking me into Dyvig.

Fair winds…

…another one 🌅…

Another day starting under the sun with my morning swim. Still a bit chilly though. It needs the extra push to jump in but once back out again the blood circulation gets crazy and the kick is yours. It does not last long.

The boat work is progressing. Focus today lies again on the teak deck. After cleaning à la Rainer it gets the Boracol treatment. Need to make use of the good weather to focus on the outside work during the warm and sunny hours.

Might stay on for a third night at anchor. I can hardly imagine a better workplace! 

Fair winds.

…fortune…destiny…or what?

There are four of us at ⚓️ tonight in front of Lyø Havn. It’s quite and peaceful. Grateful to be here.


After a pleasant day of sailing from sunrise to sunset, we have now dropped the anchor in one of the most popular spots within the 🇩🇰 South Sea.

Time for a well deserved sundowner. 

Fair winds…

CHP to BRD – Logblog 3

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I started to monitor the traffic flow in both directions 15nm before getting close to the TSS. The traffic was heavy at that time but upon arrival three hours later, there was a good window for us to cross. I only had to deal with one bulk carrier and the Gedser-Travemünde ferry. The ferry came close but a quick call on the VHF radio provided assurance both parties are in control.

While still crossing, I got a nice wake-up message from Jan. 👍 In any case, the “Kadetrinne“ needs heavy attention, that became very clear again.

The next attraction was a lightning show over Fehmarn. Big relief it did not come closer and just stretched along our fairway. Some distant grumbling included.

Once the thunder had passed along, the wind ceased for a while but came back, not as strong as before but strong enough to shut the engine off again to enjoy a bit more slow motion sailing before sunrise.

No moon, pitch dark, plenty of stars. Less than 20nm to go.

Fair winds…

CHP to BRD – Logblog 2

We have passed Møns Klint in the afternoon hours under some glazy-milky clouds. There is little traffic out here at the moment, a few more sailors and two ferries passing by with a safe distance. It will change once we get closer to the “Kadetrinne”, the Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) between Denmark and Germany.

I will cross this TSS after midnight South of Gedser and hope it will be less busy compared to last time, when Susan and myself had all hands full.

Fellow sailors Volker and Rainer both reminded me to keep a very sharp lookout and indeed, sailing these waters is different compared to the wide ocean.

Time for some dinner.

Fair winds…

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