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🙋‍♂️…Happy Easter !

Four golden bunnies out @ sea for Easter sailing!

…stopover in Deshaies…

We have stopped in Deshaies to check out from Guadeloupe and enjoy a cold beer at the beach!

…good time over…

It was a good time in Malendure but too short. Our schedule for return is pushing us North.

⛵️…5x sailing thrill…👍

Rainer and myself got an invite from Cornelia and Volker for a daysail on SY Hexe, an impressive state of the art Outremer Performance Catamaran. It took us along the West coast of Guadeloupe.

Despite the fact that the trip was short it turned out not to be less impressive. Totally different animal compared to our monohull.

In short, another lady sensitive to the wind providing ample space for living!

Thank you!

Fair winds…

🌴…Malendure beach…

With Pigeon Island being a stone’s throw away there are a lot of diving activities happening in this place around the picturesque beachfront of Plage de Malendure.

Fair winds…

Logistics in Malendure

Malendure is a good place to replenish groceries. There is a nice and nearby landing dock for dinghies in a small natural harbour and a couple of large supermarkets to chose from. Opening hours are generous, even on weekends.

Basic stock supply is ongoing for our upcoming passage to Azores, hopefully with a stop-over in Bermuda.

We will move further north shortly.

Fair winds…

☝️…sail-mate Rainer… 🛬

Sunset over Pigeon Island seen from our anchorage here at Plage de Malendure.

Sailing mate Rainer (Skipper of SY Geronimo & Mini Cape Horner) and myself decided to rock the ocean together over the next two month or so. I am very happy for him and myself that we get the opportunity to take the lady back to Europe together while earning and sharing some serious ocean crossing lifetime experience. Our common motto is to have fun!

Arriving on the plane at Guadeloupe airport tonight, Rainer moved into his bunk desperate for getting onto the water.

I am grateful not only to Rainer but also to his wife Corinna and look forward for some great quality time together on our adventure.

Welcome on board!

Fair winds…

⚓️…Plage de Malendure…⚓️

My neighbours: SY Hexe with Cornelia & Volker. SY Sutje with Petra & Jan not far away. 👍

…moving a bit North…

The local beach next to the marina at 7am . Enjoyed the short stay here.


Although the marina is located 3km out of the hectic city centre of Basse-Terre it offers all you need on a daily basis. The queue at the local butcher seems to never stop and even on a Sunday its open but you need to be prepared to line up. The bakery is next to it, a good fruit and vegetable shop, self service laundry, chandlery, general grocery shop, etc. Nothing missing, which pushes you to get into town. Even the beach is at arm’s length.

Nevertheless, a panoramic cycle track brings you into town for any extraordinary needs or to enjoy the huge market hall.

I like this marina and its privacy offering all you need in a well-balanced setting.

Fair winds…

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