The Golden Globe Race started 4th September last year and is in its final phase. More than half of the participants dropped out and the leading group is currently fighting for glory in adverse winds down in the South Atlantic.

The girl – Kirsten Neuschäfer – is still leading but under the gun from close competitors. To me, she is the winner already, having rescued one fellow sailor’s live and helped one while hitting the shores of Fuerteventura.

Lennie Gallant has dedicated a very nice song to Kirstin and her boat – Minnehaha. Very nice and inspiring.

Soon, we will also be on serious ocean sailing again and I look forward to the days out at sea, although nothing comparable to the GGR. Nevertheless, we have more than 3500nm ahead of us within this year.

For now, cross fingers, Kirstin brings the victory home to Les Sables D’Olonne and writes sailing history along the same lines Ellen Mac Author did in 2005.

Courtesy to the producers of this fantastic video. Enjoy!

Fair winds…