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Watermaker preparation 💧

☝️This item was open on the To Do List for 10 years. During winter berth 2009/10 one solenoid got cracked from some freezing although the rest of the fresh water system was emptied at that time. However, there was a very small amount of water left causing the valve later to leak. It got temporary fixed blocking the line. Spare valve got ordered and installed today! Next week we are going to produce our own potable water, all going well, first time!🤞

The vice in action for 2nd time - great tool!
Installation completed. System ready to go.

Engine work completed…

Compression Test after 1000h operation.
Diesel filter gauge added for early warning.

One more ✔️ on the list

Leaking diesel sump hand pump fixed (O-Ring displaced)…good start into the day! 👍

Shaft Shark on its way…

Shaft Shark Illustration

Dear all,
to enhance safety on board we are going to install a robe cutter on our propeller shaft to cut off any lines, wires, plastic, etc. to keep the propeller free of debris and therefore spinning. There are numerous examples of catching lines while at sea and before jumping into the water to free the propeller, I hope, that this first level risk mitigation will do its job and jumping into the water remain a pure pleasure event. Delivery is from US and let’s cross fingers it will arrive sometime next week, ready to be installed at our upcoming March haul out.

The US Post tracking system works well up to now and it is interesting that the parcel is routed via Jamaica originating from Newport/RI – the US Sailing mecca. Let’s cross fingers it will arrive sometimes next week, which is the promise given.
Fair winds…

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