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☝️…Mast Lift System…🧐

Today I deployed the new mast lift system and went up to the first spreader bar only. As I have to overcome some fear of heights and get used to it, the start was slow but I felt comfortable at all times with this self-pulling system. Next time perhaps the second spreader bar will be the goal. The decision for this system was driven by the fact that no further assistance is needed and you can get into the mast on your own – it works. 

Fair winds…

☝️…today’s boatwork…🛠

☝️Position reporting – offshore

We are planning to go on passage soon and the position reporting via VHF (e.g. Marinetraffic, Vesselfinder, etc. based on AIS) will not work anymore. Therefore the following systems have been set-up to track our routing even while out on the ocean…

1. Noforeignland via HF Ham Radio (updated min. once per day)
2. Winlink via HF HAM Radio (updated min. once per day)
3. Garmin Explore via Iridium (updated every 10minutes)

All going well, these three sites will report our postion with a different timebase. To me it is more a safety feature than anything else.

Click on the image and it shall bring you directly to the latest recorded position.
Click on the image and perhaps zoom out a bit for the right scale. You might move the mouse on the position to see some short messages as well.
Click on the image and perhaps zoom in to get to the latest recorded position.

☝️IC-M94D Marine Radio

The IC-M94D is the world’s first VHF handheld marine radio, which combines AIS and DSC functionality. This will give some redundancy, if the main AIS system installed onboard fails to operate but also some extra comfort in case you need to abandon the ship heading towards your life raft. These were the two factors, which convinced me to invest into this latest technology radio.

Fair winds…

🤿…more equipment…😉

🙋‍♂️ Yesterday I have picked-up my new diving equipment from a local diving school/shop here in the Marina Coruña. It is a 10l bottle with regulators and a pressure manometer. The rest needed I already got onboard. My main purpose is to be able to check the propeller and perhaps replace some zink anodes and remove some fishing lines accidentally caught. The second reason is to be able to dive down to the anchor, if and when needed. Shall be fun and I am looking forward to use it. Fair winds…🤿

Steering bearing replacement…🛠

Today we replaced the two horizontal bearings on the steering wheel system. It had too much play and Susan brought the spare set. With the help of Ralf from SY malwieder it worked out well and some crucial tools are now added to the purchasing list. One more item off the ToDo list. Fair winds…

Generator headache over…👌

Our Fischer Panda 6.5kW generator has only accumlated 170h in 19 years. Basically it is brand-new but…aging pays its tribute. It only reluctantly started the last few weeks until it completely stopped 2 days back not giving any kind of signal anymore while pressing the START button. Reading, research and testing got intensified and the culprit was found this morning…a 10$ relay, which deteriorated over time until complete failure. Spares are ordered. Boat life…

Luck was with us, but…

Replacement switch is ordered but 6 weeks lead time. ☹️ We will survive! 😀

It all worked fine, some minor adjustments here and there and we produced small amount of potable water with 116ppm! This confirms pumps and membranes are in good order BUT the low pressure switch gives an alarm – we suspect at this point in time – and switches both pumps off with a time delay.

Wish us luck tomorrow…🤞

The onboard documentation is good. 👍

Tomorrow we will try to produce some potable water with our onboard watermaker. I will get some support from HR Germany here in Ancora Marina. It has been put into conservation in 2005 and never touched since then. A pure matter of luck?!? 🤞🤞🤞

Watermaker preparation 💧

☝️This item was open on the To Do List for 10 years. During winter berth 2009/10 one solenoid got cracked from some freezing although the rest of the fresh water system was emptied at that time. However, there was a very small amount of water left causing the valve later to leak. It got temporary fixed blocking the line. Spare valve got ordered and installed today! Next week we are going to produce our own potable water, all going well, first time!🤞

The vice in action for 2nd time - great tool!
Installation completed. System ready to go.

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