The day started with yoga – engine room yoga. Checking the impeller on our lovely Fisher Panda Generator was on my list and I have postponed this task many times. The main reason is access, not within the engine room itself but particular to the seawater pump housing it. There is hardly any space for the spanner and pulling the impeller out without removing the whole pump is a bit of a challenge. And then…once I got the cover lid unscrewed it slided out of my hands down somewhere below the generator, where the muffler of the exhaust pipe sits. Oh my  lord, forever gone! Long story short, more yoga postures were required but finally the pain was gone and I felt all the benefits from the abnormal bending. My face turned into a happy smile while holding the damned piece of metal in my hands again.

Removing the solar panels from the Bimini and placing some minor orders for material, appliances, tea and spares was a good end of the working day.

I then jumped on the bike for some logistic’s ride (coffee & honey) from SuperDino in PDC was on the list. At that time SY Momentum of Fal was approaching and its skipper & 🚴‍♂️ coach René mentioned to me to take it lightly as there is still some Calima dust in the air. Therefore I invited myself for a beer at Musa Bar before heading back to receive their lines.

SY Momentum of Fal coming from Graciosa and arriving in Puerto Calero in the late afternoon sun.