Together with Alice and Ulli we checked each others Spinnaker Pole arrangements this morning. It’s also good practise again not having used it for a while and sametime doing some needed maintenance on the system.

Up to now I did run the sheet straight through the pole ends’ eye itself but we concluded it is better to add a block to eliminate chafing. I have got the right block (from our previous HR34) and will connect it with a soft-shackle to the boom end.

The soft-shackle is a present from sailing mate Rainer, skipper SY Geronimo. This should now be bullet proof to eliminate chafing on the sheet. Together with cleaning the turnbuckles on the standing rigging and other small tasks the To-Do-List got a bit shorter although one item had to be added:
Since I arrived back from Germany, one of the two fridges is not performing very well and I guess some refrigerator coolant needs to be topped up. Trying to organise that but it is a 4-days long weekend holiday in Spain at the moment. Hope to get this fixed next week.

I will now get on the bike heading to the beach for a cool down swim. As there is no wind at the moment the sun is burning and there are two options after lunch: Long Siesta or Beach !

Fair winds…