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Farewell Tour Orust

Today I saw Orust from a different angle. Perhaps the reason is, that this was not so much a duty & logistic’s ride but rather for pleasure. On top of that, the weather contributed a lot. First time dressed in one layer only, soon we get the shorty out.

Every day you can recognize that spring has massively arrived now. Nature is changing quickly, daily I would say.

The bike is stored for now.

Fair winds…

…not adding up…

Hard to understand, but if you look at this photo, two Hallberg-Rassy 34 adding up to 68ft in total. The new flagship, the Hallberg-Rassy 69, is only 1ft longer but 10 times the price. I don‘t get it but perhaps another example where zero does not count to much.🤔

Fair winds…

However, let‘s enjoy the sunset instead.

Hallberg-Rassy Varvs

It was a short transfer from Svineviken to the Hallberg-Rassy Yard in Ellös, where we picked up our new propeller and some other parts from the wish list.

We are now all set for Norway, our next destination.

Fair winds…


Koljö Fjord

Indeed has the scenery changed from skerry to fjord since we arrived in Svineviken on Orust.

…no telly needed…

Cockpit view…

Svineviken – Orust

After some 15nm under engine over calm seas I have arrived in the HR competency center of Bröderna Martinssons Varvs AB in Svineviken.

It was hard to get attention in Kappeln on some of the aspects to be looked at, which will now be addressed here in Sweden. It is mainly around the engines.

The process started one hour after fixing the lines.

Fair winds…

Mollösund 👍

It takes less than an hour to explore this charming old fishing village, which is only an indication of its size but not for the duration to plan a visit. Well, having said that, it might depend on which time of the year we are talking. Unfortunately we will move on tomorrow but staying on Orust.

Larssons Fisk is open all year and one of the rare fisherman left nowadays, where you can get really fresh fish. Cod is on the menu tonight.

Fair winds…

Culinary Highlights

In this part of West Sweden good fresh fish is still available, directly from the local fishermen.

It all started with the fisherman next to me in Lerkil, who brought some fresh Jungfruhummer in the other day. He was not interested in Euro but some beer was the trade for me to get a good portion of hummer.

I then discovered the fish shop in Vallda next to ICA, so some cod and halibut got on the table. Tonight is cod again from the fisher in Mollösund.

Recipes needed. Jamie helped me out and I can highly recommend to fish around in his repertoire.

Fair winds…

Baked white fish - with olives and a simple tomato sauceI à la Jamie Oliver
Salt cod soup - colourful, wholesome and packed with veg à la Jamie Oliver

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