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Canary Islands to Azores – Logblog 11

Sailing into the sunset…good night!

Canary Islands to Azores – Logblog 10

From here onwards there is a bit zig-zag proposed by the routing software. It is qtVLM, which I am using, and we have already started to move more westerly than northerly. We will stay close hauled all time and if the wind drops use the engine to support on a straight line towards Santa Maria until sufficient blow is back.
All going well, I have a chance to arrive in Santa Maria 2nd July early hours but a lot will depend on the extend of engine usage. It could be earlier. I would not put a bet on either of the two options. 😅

We have another 150nm left and if minimum wind of 10 – 12kn will stay (considering the extra 5kn, which never considers) we shall be good to sail, even in the blue coloured areas on the map. I hope you can see the picture. If not, it will be added later.

Talked to Uwe/DD1HUR from Intermar e.V. and his support is exceptional from the beginning of this passage. Besides talking every day in the evening hours at 16:30 UTC on 14313kHz, Uwe also provides me with detailed views on the situation by e-mail. It includes not only encouragement but also dos and dont’s. Thank you Uwe, very much appreciated and by far not a given.

I am going to watch a film tonight. Second time actually: ”Die Azoren – Grünes Paradies im Atlantik”. You can find it in the ARD Mediathek but it will only be in German. If half is true what is shown in the film, this journey might get rewarded soon.

Otherwise, I will have a cold, non-alcoholic beer while enjoying the sunset.

Fair winds…

Canary Islands to Azores – Logblog 9

The night was pleasant, perfect wind and movements so I could take good rest. Apart from the vessel not shown up on AIS but with clearly visible position lights, there was not much going on. It appeared on the radar and the alarm sounded to announce the arrival. Finally we passed each other in less than a mile distance, which is a bit close, but I was also not in the mood to change direction. I heard that some boats of the Far Eastern Fishing Fleet make use of to this practise for whatever reason. A few more signals appeared on the radar but no lights at all. I believe these are false alarms from the waves but that is exactly the high science to determine what is real and what is weather related signals on the screen.
Having the second pot of tea now while we are running under motor sail. The wind dropped to 5-8kn and that is not enough to keep stability in the boat with the waves around. We also need to get some hot water made by the engine, so I felt, let the diesel run for a while and we will then see how it goes. I admire sailors like Didi (Skipper SY Lepedija) and Yoshi (Skipper SY Dayo), who strickly wait for wind and keep the engine off until approaching the marina. I do not have that patience yet. Perhaps never. On the other side, I am not tempted at all to motor sail up to Santa Maria, another 170nm. We got the diesel but that would also be a bit painful. The other option is to get the 140% Geneo out and replaced with our current 110% foresail but I am not voluntarily getting me into this trouble either! Let’s see. Headache is over and we are all good.
The new foresail halyard had settled in a bit, so I gave it another tweak on the mast winch this morning. Now it shapes up again without wrinkles.
Time for lunch. Chicken chunks in pasta again, home cooked in cream cheese with tomato bites and spiced up with black pepper, chilli flakes, rubbed rosemary and a pinch of salt.
Oh the wind seems to be back 12kn plus…I think we got hot water! Let’s stop the noise.
Fair winds…

Canary Islands to Azores – Logblog 8

Breakfast was not enought – one hard boiled egg followed by two ”heather sand cockies” and a good cup of fresh tea. Two hours rest and then the appetite called in again. That is a good sign for me showing that body and boat are accustomized. One big roll with soft cheese together with fresh tomatoes and carrots from local Madeira market. This should bring me to the evening apart from the afternoon tea, which will be served with some homemade Nutcake, choclate topped, based on a receipe from Susan’s grandfather Karl.
We have done 168nm right now, so I guess an etmal of around 140nm, which is okay. I don’t want to push the lady throught the seas with all the water coming over and tear and wear on the boat. Hitting 8.5kn through the water yesterday evening, I thought enought is enought. While the boat ploughs better through these waves at slighly higher speed it will be paid off by heaps of water flushing everywhere. I am not on an escape.
Around 320nm to go to my waypoint set in the South of Santa Maria and what does it matter, if I arrive a day earlier or later. Looking forward to my landfall on Santa Maria.
Will take some rest now to be ready for teatime. 😂
Fair winds…

Canary Islands to Azores – Logblog 7

The wind has ceased a bit now, the sun is out but the sky is six out of eight cloudy. The night lasted 7 hours in pretty intense darkness, no moon and hardly stars. I tried to get maximum naps to be as fresh as possible this morning. Increased the interval to 30min as we were with 5 to 6 knots not that fast and there is hardly traffic out here. Still a bit absent but that will improve over the days, I am sure. Breakfast!
Fair winds…

Canary Islands to Azores – Logblog 6

I have just talked to Jan from SY Sutje on 4Mhz Marine Radio. They are 48h ahead of me and have the same target destination – Azores. Also got hold of Ralf-Dieter from SY Charisma on 12Mhz Marine Radio Band. First time we connected via the radio. They have anchored in Menorca/Spain. Unfortunately Cornelia from SY Hexe also wanted to connect from Chesapeak/US but that did not work out for some reasons. In the afternoon hours I talked to Uwe from Intermar e.V. and got latest weather information and some additional views on the interpretation of the forecast. Good to catch up with all all while out at sea.

We are pushing through the night. The wind has increased a little bit again around 18 to 23kn. This should stay for another few hours and then slowly go back to 15kn, which would be nice. The first 6 hours after sticking the nose out at the west end of Madeira was a bit rought. Acceleration zone with up to 33kn and Spaghetti waves from all angles. Glad it got better now.

I have put up the cockpit tent and reefed both sails, main and foresail.
Will take some rest now.
Fair winds…

Impressive Madeira 🙋‍♂️

🧐…wind pattern…☝️

Soon we can sail. I see white caps coming closer. These dead wind zones are huge and a kind of art.

☝️…Azores again…🧭

The weather window is still stable with a huge high pressure system near the Azores hardly moving, which shall give us some N to NNE winds. A bit stronger at the beginning and then hopefully enough to sail through to the target destination.

I had the pleasure yesterday to have coffee & cake with Gerlinde and Josef from SY Vitamine, a HR382 sailing under Austrian flag.

Fair winds…

Farewell sweet from Steiermark! Thank you!

☝️…Halyard replaced…✔️

Two halyards and a new main outhaul line.

With a bright smile 😊 the Mariniero was standing next to the boat at 11am and handed over the parcel from HR Parts. Thu to Mo – not bad.
It is already installed and I look closely at the weather forecast.

Fair winds…

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