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Horta / Faial / Azores

We have taken berth now in Marina Horta next to SY North Star, who we know from Bermuda.

☝️…proposed routing…⛵️

Our final sunrise at St. George has come and departure planning is in its final stage. We are planning to cast the lines at 3pm ADT this afternoon. Although I could easily stay another month here in Bermuda but the time is due for another serious and hopefully pleasant ocean crosssing  heading ”home”.

We will run a short detour (lower line above) rather than going on the rhumb line (upper line above) shortest distance to Azores. This shall ensure smooth sailing and keeping the low pressure systems at a safe distance.

Nevertheless we will need to keep the low pressure systems under constant observations as some of them might turn to far SE resulting literally in turbolences and getting too close to our pathway.

I am now looking forward to another enjoyable passage.

Fair winds…

…waiting position…

Today we are getting one of the typical low pressure system’s weather disturbances, which will keep us on our toes going forward, or better while heading back to higher latitudes soon.

Rainy, miserable, gusty, choppy. After 9 hours it will be over. Tomorrow the sun will be back until the next low pressures system gets thrown off the US coast and fights its way through towards NE, E or SE against any high pressure system under development further South. The changes are fast and the winner of the two systems not always clear for quite some time. 

No yacht left today and we are all in waiting position. A good day to relax, get some bread and cake baking done. Next to us is gaff cutter “Aurora von Altona”, build in 1934, homeport Museumshafen Flensburg. Small world!

Fair winds…

🚴‍♂️…Hamilton again…

My probably 🚴‍♂️ final ride on this fantastic island took me again to Hamilton today. There were three items on the list, from Bike Shop via outstanding fridge bill-payment to Bermuda shorts. No way I could leave Bermuda without getting the #1 garment known all over the world.

After a short video consultation with Susan, I bought two Bermuda shorts and proudly but slightly irritated left T△BS with another hole burned into my wallet. These shorts need to last for the rest of my life!

Back in the saddle for the return to St. George, I enjoyed more miles on the road going through some posh areas with impressive properties always close to the sea.

Although there are limited miles to clock on the bike here in Bermuda, the owner of the bike-shop put it right: In Bermuda, we can bike 12 month in pleasant climate!

Fair winds…

…Superyachts & Boatwork…

SY Aquarius from Georgetown arrived and Rainer becomes tiny in relation to the size of this superyacht. Amazing toy in perfect conditions, simply an eye candy to look at the overall lines and the attention to detail. Fine craftwork!

We got two Caribbean Reef Squids hanging around at our boat recently. They come close to the dinghy at our stern looking at us with their large dark eyes.

It fits with the name of the superyacht Aquarius. They are 20 to 30cm long. Great to look at their movement. There are also some fish, who did bite us today during our underwater works, cleaning the propeller and replacing the anodes on the bow thruster. Two more boxes ticked.

Grocery shopping is a hard one but we make small progress.

Fair winds…

🚴‍♂️…St. George’s vicinity…

🚴‍♂️…Bermuda Beach Ride…

The clouds were still hanging deep this morning at 7am, the time at which I left the boat for another ride on Bermuda. After being hit by the juice coming out of the final clouds, the sky was breaking up about 9am, one hour later than forecasted.

South Road was my destination, which offers plenty of nice beaches, some of them world known and within the top rankings. It became a nice ride exploring new corners on the island.

Fair winds…

Today's start was rainy turning into blue sky.

…Bermuda rain day…

Its rather grey today here in Bermuda and we have not seen the sun all day. Some drizzle here and there but nothing serious.

About a dozen boats are currently in waiting position here at the anchorage in St. George. Waiting for the weather window to come through but patience is a sought-after competence at the moment, which shall not be too difficult in a place like Bermuda, especially as the sun will be back tomorrow. A couple of boats left already, probably fixed schedule driven. We can wait.

Running list of SY visiting one of the 175 TO Bases spread around the world.

The TO Base here in Bermuda is in St. George but we have not made contact yet and it remains on the To-Do-List.

Some boat work, afternoon nap…and another day is gone.

Fair winds…


…go Kirstin go…

Take it 🏆 home Kirstin! An amazing race is coming to a very exciting end. Courtesy of GGR.

🚌…Dockyard & Hamilton…⛴

We took the bus today and with a change over at the Hamilton Bus Station we arrived 90min later in Dockyard – the former Britisch Royal Naval Base and today Bermuda’s Cruise Ship Center.

It was a pleasant bus ride and a short visit to this cruise ship arrival point. Despite the fact that there is still a yard doing serious boat work, the nature of the place is very much to entertain the cruise ship passengers during their short stay, which makes the whole place despite its history artificial, shaking head amusing and at least astonishing. In short: not much reason to stay longer. Our expectations were low in the first place and therefore the disappointment very limited.

☝️Tower clock going by the tide...!

After a short while we took the ferry back into Hamilton and strolled around a little bit with the clear intention to return again shortly to explore more of this charming city with its beautiful buildings and parks.

The trip gave another good general impression on Bermuda and its overall magnitude in size and character.

Fair winds…

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