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North Sea Crossing – Logblog 3

Sailing on the thrid day was uneventful. Grey sky all over with some showers here and there. Acceptable wind conditions, the engine was only needed to support for about two hours. Overall good progress. Lazy day.

We only had to replace the pressure controller on the gas bottle before trying our Pad Thai Kit purchased in Scotland. Adding some shrimps, leek and carrot made a delicious meal in minimum time.

At dusk timing we reached closer to land between Norway and Denmark and traffic significantly increased. A lot of ships getting through the Skagerrak Strait. From 15min routine to constant watch. We stayed close to the TSS, touched it once for a few miles but had overall less traffic compared along the closer shores of Denmark. However, another wave of traffic lies ahead of us. They seem to come in batches somehow.
We have 85nm to go to reach the tip of Jutland. Winds will vary and might have to use the engine again to arrive before coming evening in lovely Skagen.

Fair winds…

North Sea Crossing – Logblog 2

After we had left Moray Firth some heavy clouds were building up behind us. We could escape most of it but one front crossed us with some medium gusts and pouring rain adding little lightning and thunder still a few miles away. Impressive, what grumbling mother nature can build up and throw at you, if not in a good mood.

It then became a race towards the northeastern tip of Scotland marked through Fraserburg or Peterhead nearby. We had to get around that landmark corner in time to catch the winds which shall take us further to the East over the North Sea. Our weather window was tight and not getting into these winds in time would have caused us headache and trouble. As the winds along the Scottish coastline were not only variable in strenght but also in direction, we had to use the engine most of the time to ensure we don´t let our on-off chance go – hit the important landmark before it gets dark and catch the southerly winds. Finally we got there in time and waived the alternative to stop in Peterhead Marina and wait for another weather window, which was not apparent at all for the next few days ahead. So far so good.

Favorable winds took us through the first night. 15-20kn TWS and around 90° – 120° TWA were perfect conditions to cross these busy and highly respected seas. Our straight courseline was set to leave the oil & gas fields at safe distance, minimum 5nm.

Clear blue sky and plenty of dolphins entertained us during the following day. Perfect sailing conditions, only the skipper was fighting with himself. Leaving Inverness with a light cold and headache, some weak seasickness added to my mood, which can be summarized: totally useless! I was glad Co-Skipper and Tidemaster Jan stepped in and did most of the watch & work with minimum breaks for taking rest himself. Feeding the fish with some tasty lasagne finally resolved the knot and wellbeing increased from mile to mile. I have no further comments to that, only questions!?!

Before the second night broke in a Danish sailor crossed our line and reminded us one more time to keep good watch, day and night! As he had no AIS and we were on collision course, it is of utmost important to keep the 15min watch cycle for thorough and sharp lookout. All technic in the world cannot replace a good sharp lookout. So now, the second night is over and all is back to normal routine. The oil & gas fields are behind us, we have crossed Greenwich median and have arrived back in the Eastern lines of longitude.

There are two hundred nautical miles to go and we will arrive in Skagen/Denmark, our first choice destination for landfall, not only to for the Remoulade! 🙂

Let me get this overdue Logblog published now and download the latest weather data to see, if we can rely on the wind until arrival.

Fair winds…

☝️…North Sea Crossing – Logblog 1

A funny welcome we get out here on the North Sea. Not scary - it is just amazing! We are through the front in the meantime, which brought light thunder and rain with a bit of gusting winds.

Leaving Inverness…🙋‍♂️

After passing the last lock in Inverness this morning, we are now back in tidal & salty water of the North Sea.

We had one month in Ireland & Scotland and are now heading over to the Baltic Sea, our home waters & territory.

The last month added some memorable highlights to the overall adventure.

We expect landfall in about four days  in Denmark or Sweden, depending on wind and weather.

Fair winds…

🚴‍♂️…Beach & Battle…🚴‍♂️

Two places were on my target list today. The splendid beaches of Nairn at the outskirts of Inverness and Fort George, a fortress build to control the Scottish Highlands but has never seen any battle. Nice ride under the sun!

Fair winds…

Inverness – The Highland Capital

We have safely moored in the Seaport Marina in Inverness, waiting for a good weather window to cross the North Sea.

🙋‍♂️…Fort Augustus…👍

After three nights we are moving on passing Loch Ness towards our final stop on the Caledonian Canal in Inverness.

🇺🇸 David & Erik 🇳🇴

Among others we have met David and Erik during our passage through the Caledonian Canal. The below two photos have been taken by David, skipper of SY First Sight, currently touring the world with his wife Vicki.

Erik from Noway, not only skipper but also an outstanding solo sailor of his SY Tessie and a blessed youtuber by nature living his passion. Although I follow his fascinating channel for long, I bumped into him on a morning walk at the locks. A nice chat we had while moving his lady through the locks. Safe travels on your future adventures!

Fair winds to all… 

🚴‍♂️…Loch Tarff…🚴‍♂️

I am glad we decided to stay a day longer in Fort Augustus for me to see Loch Tarpp nearby as inspired by Jan. Amazing Highland scenery although some 2.5km stretch required me to push the bike along. Fantastic 🚴‍♂️!

Fair winds…

🚴‍♂️…Loch & River Oich…🚴‍♂️

Loch Oich and its connecting river present themselves in a more diverse landscape compared to Loch Lochy, the first Loch we passed through on our journey through the Caledonian Canal from West to East. Good 🚴‍♂️ tarmac!

Fair winds…

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