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Back in Kappeln

I cannot deny a pinch of regret and sadness being around while fixing the lines in Kappeln today. Preparation for winterizing and haul out in a weeks time has fully taken over. Making use of the sunny weather I dried the foresail to store it away in dry conditions.

Coming week shall be busy.

Fair winds…

…final sunrise @ sea…

Ambient outside temperature showed 8.8°C this morning. A light breeze added a bit of a chill factor during my morning shower at the transom.😰

Fair winds…

🙋‍♂️The journey has finished⛵️

We have passed the pinhole entrance into the Schlei Fjord after a pleasant sail and dropped the ⚓️. Exactly at this place we started our journey towards the Atlantic on 14th June 2021.

Time to celebrate over a good glas of Whisky, or two – no cigar this time!

Fair winds…

…20 odd miles to go…

We have now finally left Sønderborg to get a bit closer to our place for winter storage in Kappeln. I am tempted to drop the anchor for a final night at sea, at the same place where our Atlantic adventure started on 14th June 2021. Almost two and a half years ago. Let‘s see when we get into the Schlei Fjord.

The time in Sønderborg was governed by boat work and dolce vita. Muck out was high on the list and a lot of stuff went into the bin or got sold so that I ended up to pack 8 parcels for dispatch upon arrival in Kappeln.

I will keep enjoying this low pace arrival and transition.

Fair winds…


I woke up in the very early morning hours at around 4am driven by some unususal jolting in the mooring lines. My first glance out of the window showed the top of the bollard missing, which I normaly see on our pontoon. My first thought was, wow, high water!

I went outside to check the fenders‘ position and discovered, that they are all hanging to high, well above the fl0or level of the pontoon not providing any damping between the boat and  the pier anymore. The hull was cosy lying directly in contact with the the pier. The water level was only 30-40cm below the surface of the pontoon. Not much. No damage.

I took it as a reminder and pre-warning, at the right time. Although there is not much of tide here, the changes in water level driven by wind forces cannot be ignored.

As per the chart above, the next high water level is predicted for Sunday midnight, even higher than last night. The additional 30-40cm might flood the pontoon slighly but will definetly make the use of fenders impossible to protect the booat towards the pier.

Conclusio: I will have to leave this place before Sunday midnight not to get into trouble.

Glad I got the hint last night!

Fair winds…

…relaxed days…

The late summer days are definitely over and autumn has taken its place instead. Temperatures are still pleasant but the sunny spots have become more rare and mixed with stronger winds and occasional rain.

Fair winds…

Sønderborg Nordhavnen

A hidden gem (small sector light) in operation!
Traditional ships tied up to have a good time!

After only 4nm motoring along the Alssund we have reached our next destination. It‘s a while, almost three years ago, when we visited Sønderborg, last time mid October 2020. I prefer the Nordhavnen, which has seen a nice development over the years and is more quite compared to the Sydhavnen on the other side of the bridge.

Have a great Sunday.

Fair winds…


I could not pass Sottrupskov Bro today without a stop. A very nice anchor spot, which we must have under-evaluated over the past. The weather was charming and the pontoon seems to be usable again, which was not always the case. 

Glad to enjoy another day/night at anchor.

Fair winds…

The sun is back 🌞

Sailing down the Als Fjord. Not sure, if we should ⚓️ another night before heading into Sønderborg.


We are at ⚓️ in Dyvig and after a shower passing through the sky opened up a bit. Good night!

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