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Our short trip today from Eivindvik to Skjerjehamn took us through some very picturesque landscape including passing Kiparsundet.

While Skjerjehamn was one of the largest trading ports in Western Norway during the first half of the 20th century, it has now been revitalized by some privat investors keeping local values together. Very nice concept!

Fair winds…


After a very narrow & interesting approach through the Prestesundet we have moored in Eivindvik for the night, a historical Viking place in Norway.

Fair winds…

PS: Another nice hike to a Dagsturhytta got added to our list.

Balestrand – no cruise 🚢

Balestrand is a cruise ship free zone, which can easily be recognized not only by the number of tourists but also by its calm and slowed down atmosphere. Individuals instead of groups strolling around among the locals. Hospitality has a long tradition.

Nevertheless, connectivity makes it easy to explore the region and join all sorts of activities popular within the vicinity, but still on a low scale.

We are moving further West towards…?

Fair winds…

Dagsturhytta Balabu

Finally, the clouds have taken over from the sun but it is still pleasantly warm with some drops of sky juice now and then. Grumbling thunder also contributes here and there but remains in the distance for now.

Another Dagsturhytta invited us to enjoy some quality time in pure nature. This one even had a fire place and is very popular all year, as we have been told by the locals. For the Kindergarten kids a tough daytrip!

Fair winds…

Balestrand Marina

On our way back to the West, we have now moored in Balestrand, a small historical village situated at the Esefjord, one more arm spreading from the main Sognefjord. Another count towards being the only visiting yacht in the marina.

Fair winds…


No doubt, the most impressive fjord on our journey and not without reason on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Narrow, shallow and packed with natural eye candy. Simply amazing!

Fair winds…


Flåm Gjestehavn

I was lucky to meet Pat and his crew before they left Flåm. Second time our wake crosses. Last time it was June 2023 in Ponta Delgada, Azores, where we had a chat about his unique yacht Mah Jong. What a beauty. Small world!

Fair winds…

SY Mah Jong by S&S, build 1957 in Hong Kong

Dagsturhytta & Stegastein

For today‘s after work party we planned a hike up to Stegastein, which is just 630m above Aurlandsvangen. During our steep climb uphill we passed a Dagstyrhytta and almost ended there. These cabins spread over Norway invite for rest and me time in perfect harmony with nature. Amazing!

After a short rest we went on with our climb until we reached the lookout platform Stegastein.

Good to go after the cruise ship in Flåm lifted its anchor and the crowd moved on. We could enjoy a magnificent view from this platform almost all alone.

Fair winds…

Flåm – sniff tour

We very much like our spot here in Aurlandsvangen; it’s quite, charming, convenient and a bit outside the main flow of tourists. It is early in the season but cruise ships already leave some traces. Nevertheless we decided to move to Flåm Marina for the weekend.

After my sniff tour, the atmosphere in Flåm very much reminds me of the Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda.

Fair winds…

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