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Røvær Island

Fish farms on the approach to Røvær.
Passage through Gitterøysundet/Røvær.

I am some kind of addicted to these light shows, which are one of the differentiators between going North or South, from my point of view. Also today they played in harmony entertaining a short but worth noting passage to the next island.

Røvær cannot be missed after Kvitsøy and Utsira. This was the unanimous recommendation from fellow sailors. It works with the weather and our overall sailing schedule. So here we are – Røvær – let‘s explore.

Fair winds…

Utsira – A 5 ⭐️ Island

Goodbye Utsira! Early morning start to discover the next gem!

Utsira Street Art

Strolling around the island I passed some of the street art works, nicely nicknamed UtsirArt. It is rather organized than graffiti and each of it can be located and looked at on Google Maps.

Overall the island is quite and kept by its 200 plus inhabitants in good shape. 

After the morning fog (!) got lifted and my daily boat work completed, I explored the West part of the island on another hike.

Fair winds…

Utsira Island

Final impressions from Kvitsøy.
Final impressions from Kvitsøy.

Although I was planning for a second night on Kvitsøy, the overall wind schedule pushed me a bit to move on. Under light clouds and no wind I left this remarkable island after refueling some more diesel.

In the meantime we have arrived on Utsira Island, the least populous municipality in Norway and the second smallest municipality in Norway after Kvitsøy.

SY Hullu Poro safely moored in Utsira Sørevågen after an interesting approach into the marina.

There are two(!) marinas on this tiny island, Nordvikvågen and Sørevågen to ensure a safe approach under all weather conditions. We have moored in the South of the island under calm seas and no wind. Although I was expecting at least one or two other sailboats, The Lady and myself are the only two visitors!

After my first hike across the eastern part of Utsira island, one thing became crystal clear: The slogan, the bigger the better does not apply in this case. These islands (Kvitsøy & Utsira) are gems in itself and very different.

So much to explore! I am happy to be here.

Fair winds…

Kvitsøy Island

After today‘s encounter with Norway‘s biggest sailing vessel I have now moored in the smallest municipality within the whole country – Kvitsøy.

It was an interesting approach through a labyrinth of islands and rocks until you end up in a picturesque inner harbour with limited spots for visitors. I am glad we are early in the season, as this is one of the hotspots for boaties from Stavanger over the weekends during peak season.

An amazing island, no doubt!

Fair winds…

Kvitsøy Fyr build 1829, still in operation.

Innovation @ Sea

I was fortunate and learned today about SC Connector, Norway’s largest sailing vessel, while we passed along each other. Interesting read under this link.

SC Connector heading South.

…sunrise cruise…

Egersund & Rausvågen ⚓️

Egersund was a good first stop on our way North after the passage from Sweden. The Lady got desalted and is back in shiny conditions. I also took a glance at the city not missing a short afternoon nap. The small town is charming depsite Egersund being one of the largest fishing ports in Norway.

I was hungry for a night at anchor as the last one was at Anholt/DK. Based on some hints from the TO Community I ended up in Rausvågen, a tiny little pinhole bay on the island of Eigerøya. Same time we bring ourselves into the pool position for tomorrow’s passage further North. There are some southerly winds coming, which shall not be missed.

It is only us here and perhaps some locals in the houses. Let’s see when it becomes dark. Crying birds, that is a given. I believe this kind of scenery will become the new normal for our stay in Norway, just waiting for the moose.

Fair winds…


After a good sail through a challenging night with gusts up to 36kn lifting the lady beyond 10kn top speed, Cape Lindesnes became the reward in the early morning hours.

Tired, physically & mentally exhausted, it will be an early night after a passage, which will be present for a while.

Fair winds…

Viberodden Fyr on the approach to Egersund.

Farewell Tour Orust

Today I saw Orust from a different angle. Perhaps the reason is, that this was not so much a duty & logistic’s ride but rather for pleasure. On top of that, the weather contributed a lot. First time dressed in one layer only, soon we get the shorty out.

Every day you can recognize that spring has massively arrived now. Nature is changing quickly, daily I would say.

The bike is stored for now.

Fair winds…

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