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TO navigation pencil…

During my visit to the TO Cuxhaven office, the symbolic navigation pencil has been handed over to me today. Another clear sign that the journey has started.

Cuxhaven next stop !

TO ship La Chunga II
4-5 kts tide running.
Mooring for the night.

…tight in the lock…

It was quite tight but all worked out fine. North Sea - we are coming!

TO Meet – SY Rare Breed

Nice chat with Biggi & Jan from SY Rare Breed heading out to the world.

☝️Waiting position – Brunsbüttel

Moored for the night waiting for good tidal & wind conditions to enter Elbe & North Sea.

🙋‍♂️ Goodbye Rendsburg

I had a good time in the RVR Marina in Rendsburg but time to move on…

TO Meet – SY Colette ⛵️

TO meet with Wolfgang, Lukas and 🐕‍🦺 Lucky from SY Colette. We are both heading South but at different pace. Good long chat last night! Fair winds and see you again!

Sunset @ Rendsburg

Lake Obereider is my swimming pool during these hot days - just a doorstep away.

🤔…heat stress…😅

It is indeed damned hot but stress?!? Lucky we got aircon onboard and a nice big swimming pool at the stern of the boat, both keeping stress wihtin limits. 😎

Beyond my expectations…

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