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☝️…Lapas grelhadas…😋

The culinary adventure continuous. I went to the market hall today and my objective was to get a fresh Veja fish filet again before heading South. Besides Tuna and Cavala I like this Veja fish, fresh from the ocean, very much. Hm…no Veja catch last night…plan B had to come into play. Instead they had limpets, fresh from Pico, the neighbouring island.

Got half a kilo of slugs and a pack of Bolo do Caco with a decent bottle of rosé wine from Alentejo to go with it.

My goodness! The food world is endless…full time job to explore!😂

Fair winds…


Hike – São Miguel…🚶‍♀️🚶🏼‍♂️


⛵️…Bye-bye Sáo Miguel…🙋‍♂️


  1. Steffi

    Yummi – we love Lapas. On the Azores you get them superfresh and it is so easy to prepare them. Good choice!

    • Ahoy Steffi,
      thanks for your interest and comment on our blog. I was trying to get another batch Lapas here on Santa Maria today but so far, no success. Nevertheless is the variety of local fresh seafood here in the little market hall not bad and I am tempted to try a 1-2kg Barracuda next week.
      Fair winds…

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