Rosi and the boat boys, well organised.
Keartons Bay and the Rock-Side-Cafe.

We have left the Grenadines against our plan as we need to fix a technical issue on the boat. Return is open at the moment.

In short, our service battery bank has aged quickly over the last couple of weeks and we are now at 12.0V only at 95% SOC (state of charge). This is despite the fact, that they have been declared in Puerto Calero three month back to achieve a 95% SOH (state of health). They are now under ICU management to prevent total breakdown before having new ones at hand.

We are heading back to Martinique to get them replaced. This gives us the great opportunity to visit the TO Base on St. Vincent Island. It is run by Rosi and her husband Orlando. A special arrangement in a very small and picturesque bay with very few mooring buoys, sunset dinner, rubbish disposal, immigration service. We opted for all of it! Pick-up for dinner is at 6pm sharp. Fish or Chicken? We pre-ordered one each and are now hungry after another pleasant sailing day in moderate trade winds.

Fair winds…

Susan on the way to the immigration.
Open only during overtime hours.🤑