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…early start…

We left this unique spot in the early morning hours after boat boy Squin brought us some white bread, eggs and local bananas at 6am sharp. 75nm ahead of us to Saint-Anne/Martinique.

Fair winds…

Special Dinner

Curtis came 6pm sharp to pick us up for the dinner. Super reliable, helpful, friendly and funny.

We had a chat with Rosi and Orlando and acknowledged, that this is a special TO Base, no doubt. The overall arrangement is well thought through, the dinner delicious in a perfect sunset environment. Thank you!

Fair winds…

St. Vincent – TO Base

Rosi and the boat boys, well organised.
Keartons Bay and the Rock-Side-Cafe.

We have left the Grenadines against our plan as we need to fix a technical issue on the boat. Return is open at the moment.

In short, our service battery bank has aged quickly over the last couple of weeks and we are now at 12.0V only at 95% SOC (state of charge). This is despite the fact, that they have been declared in Puerto Calero three month back to achieve a 95% SOH (state of health). They are now under ICU management to prevent total breakdown before having new ones at hand.

We are heading back to Martinique to get them replaced. This gives us the great opportunity to visit the TO Base on St. Vincent Island. It is run by Rosi and her husband Orlando. A special arrangement in a very small and picturesque bay with very few mooring buoys, sunset dinner, rubbish disposal, immigration service. We opted for all of it! Pick-up for dinner is at 6pm sharp. Fish or Chicken? We pre-ordered one each and are now hungry after another pleasant sailing day in moderate trade winds.

Fair winds…

Susan on the way to the immigration.
Open only during overtime hours.🤑

🙋‍♀️…Sailor’s Sunday…🙋‍♂️

Typical Sailor’s Sunday: baking bread, brunch, swimming, cleaning the bilge from oil spill, working on batteries, surfing (the net), afternoon nap, rum punch, live music from beach bar, dinner cooking, early night.

Fair winds…

🧐…yacht spotting…👍

While we had a drink together with Rita and Hartmut from SY Kirke, big sails were looming up on the horizon. Superyacht Aquijo was joined a bit later by Sea Eagle II, another impressive floating home. I wish they had better weather today at 500k€ per week. We are lazy. Fair winds…


For entry clearance into 🇻🇨 St. Vincent & The Grenadines 🇻🇨 we had to go to Clifton, which is on the other side of the island.

I volunteered to get this done as Susan was working today and I had plenty of reasons to get the bike out. Knowing that the first and last km will end up in carrying the bike through the jungle, it became a special ride by all means. The stamp in the passport was done in a very professional manner.

I was not expecting anyone present at Sunset Cove Bar at my early arrival 7:30am but suddenly Kevin was there to help dragging the dinghy with the bike ashore. He also offered me a chair and a bucket of water to get the sand off my feet before jumping into the biking shoes. On top of that he provided me a tourist map and explained the walking path through the jungle to reach the road at the mountain top. I like the warm service sense at this place, friendly but not demanding.

Once in the saddle I became soon friend with a turtle trying to reach the other side of the road. I got puzzled, thinking it was totally lost and should get back into their natural element! A guy passed by smiling at me and when a car came along I signalled desperately to be careful.

The driver laughed at me shouting no problem, they are safe! It seems to be normal and I took it a bit more easy on the way back meeting a junior turtle. which even stuck it head out looking at me. Nice encounters.

Suddenly Jonathan was on the road next to me. Not sure where he came from but we took the ride together while chatting. He was on the way to school, grade 6, and likes biking, etc. etc. After about 2km we separated and I wished him good luck for his vision to become a football star or actor.

The stories during today’s ride went on and on but I have an invite for a birthday party tonight, which I cannot miss! Cruising life is quality life.

Biking on Union Island paralysed me today. What was supposed to become an Immigration Ride, turned out into one of my most diverse rides ever. Nature, people and biking wise. 

Fair winds…

🌴…Sunset Cove…🍹

The rum punch was tempting, so was the atmosphere and the people. You can rest assured, that with an early Happy Hour closing at 6pm we had an early night as well.😅 Tomorrow is another special day!

Fair winds… 

☝️…arriving Union Island…🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

We have reached our next anchorage at Chatham Bay on Union Island. The bay is peaceful and not overcrowded. Minimum 7 bars along the beach compete to get a piece of the cake from the approximately 25 boats at anchor.

Phillip, one of the boat boys representing Sunset Cove Bar,  came along and promoted Happy Hour starting 4pm. Therefore we have to rush now. Have a nice evening!

Fair winds…

Good Wifi by the mast on the top of the hill.

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