A random photo taken while myself strolling through town today, a public holiday also in Portugal.

Reading between the lines, I think we are lucky to be here in PDL already, although it is early in the season. Marina Horta is getting crowded and there is no more space in the marina now. People arriving from West are forced to anchor on questionable grounds. The anchorage was already jammed when I left 2 days ago. Even worse for people still on passage in the middle of the Atlantic, headwinds or no winds are being reported.

The weather on the Atlantic is playing dirty. Low pressure systems are coming and going far too much South, which is part of the trouble. They come and go without much notice. Difficult for sailors.

Similar here in PDL. Fellow sailors looking for a window towards Mainland Europe are getting mad, or at least frustrated.

I hope the dirty weather game will be over in a month time, latest.

Fair winds…