In solo sailor days, there are not only Champagne Fridays, there are also Lemon Fridays. Today is one of the latter Fridays.

It is 8:30pm local time and I have just returned back on board while AF895 is taking off from Fort-de-France (FDF) to Paris (CDG).

I am getting some pasta dish done between these lines. The portlight over the pantry oven is open. We have 29℃ in the boat. No wind. Calm see. No swell. Spot lighting from all directions, the land, the sea, the anchorage, the sky. The moon has joined, four more days to another full moon.

Eighty two days ago, Susan arrived on São Vicente/Cabo Verde. She is now on the plane AF895 back to Europe, which makes it a Lemon Friday for me. Yes, everyone was aware of the rules. I remain deeply grateful for the time and adventures we shared together besides being very impressed by the iron discipline Susan puts into the job.

I have now granted myself a subscription for an indefinite retreat to overcome this Lemon Friday soonest. It shall be governed by a benevolently Lady, pleasant weather and some great upcoming nature adventures on Dominica.

I have checked out from Martinique and the Lady is ready to explore new shores, where different rules will apply.

Fair winds…