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…end of the world…?

It is good to be safely anchored while watching these kind of dramatic and mysterious light shows.


We have moved another 6nm further north into the bay of Saint-Pierre and dropped the anchor under Montagne Pelée currently covered in heavy clouds. Let’s see, if we get a free spot over the next couple of days.

Fair winds…

Nice bay – Fond Giromont

🤿…snorkeling with Volker…🤿

⚓️…Stopover – Fond Giromont…⚓️

SY Hexe did fly over to our next anchorage, we dawdled a bit and followed a sometime later. Therefore we got the luxury of a welcome photo session upon our arrival. All copyrights to Volker. Thank you, nice photos.

Fair winds…

Anse d’Arlet…🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

It was time to move on, although I could have stayed another couple of weeks. Together with SY Hexe we shifted a bit north…not too far yet.

Fair winds… 

Carneval a là Martinique

Despite the fact that Anse d’Arlet is a very small village, we joined the carnival parade today afternoon. It was a pleasure. The first cart presented the carnival queen and the second and last one stirred up the scene through a huge ghetto blaster with a DJ followed by the dancing crowd. After two hours the party was over and tranquillity returned back into the streets.

Fair winds…

🤿…snorkeling with Emma…🤿

There are not too many seagulls here but Emma observed my snorkelling today.

…sorry, another one…

Another sunset during today’s Champagne Friday with Cornelia & Volker over a delicious risotto.

🌴…busy beach…🤿

It was just after nine o’clock when I grabbed a chair in Coco Turquoise Beach Bar & Restaurant. Time for a second coffee after I finished my grocery shopping and short walk through Anse d’Arlet downtown.

Due to a snorkelling attraktion just off the beach it becomes very busy during the day. Many people are equipped with mask & fins to explore the underwater world. The atmosphere is pretty relaxed, the beach is clean and quite. On top you can enjoy food and drinks just a palm width away. I give another ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Once back on the boat it was time for brunch as Susan had a short break from work. Fresh baguette with homemade cream cheese.

The days could go on like this…

Fair winds…

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