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Bye-bye Schleimünde…

🌞 Sailing under gennaker in light winds towards Kiel.

🙋‍♂️The journey has started⛵️

Dropped the anchor ⚓️ near Maasholm. Tired. Shaft vibration issue got cleared and now 🤔…today is different. Why? The journey has started right now! 45 feet and 2 hands are up for another adventure. Heading over to the North Sea, slowly but firmly. 

I like to quote Boris Herrmann: “It‘s an adventure and nobody knows the outcome.” This describes it very well – no more words needed.

Maximum preparation has been done over the last few years but at one point in time…you need to throw the lines! I have done that today with a very rewarding feeling and the support of my wife Susan. Thank you!

Taken from the mission statement: The mission will focus on going with the wind while enjoying time and its moments over and over again in constantly changing nature. The moment – and not the journey – will be the reward.

Wish us fair winds & luck…

Back in Fjord Schlei

Hoping that the shaft vibration issue can be resolved asap. I wish to proceed via Kiel Canal from here towards the North Sea. 🤞

Good sailing day…⛵️

⚓️ Graswader

Back to Kappeln…😕

Chief Technician Officer found shaft vibrations a concern. Heading back for another check. 🙄

⚓️ Pelzerhaken

Pelzerhaken Lighthouse

Luck was with us, but…

Replacement switch is ordered but 6 weeks lead time. ☹️ We will survive! 😀

It all worked fine, some minor adjustments here and there and we produced small amount of potable water with 116ppm! This confirms pumps and membranes are in good order BUT the low pressure switch gives an alarm – we suspect at this point in time – and switches both pumps off with a time delay.

Wish us luck tomorrow…🤞

The onboard documentation is good. 👍

Tomorrow we will try to produce some potable water with our onboard watermaker. I will get some support from HR Germany here in Ancora Marina. It has been put into conservation in 2005 and never touched since then. A pure matter of luck?!? 🤞🤞🤞

Propeller check training

Tried my new wet-suit for cold water…👍
All in good order - no surprise.

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