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…early sundowner…

I decided for an early sundowner as my To-Do-List-Before-Haul-Out looks pretty manageable by now and the cockpit view simply invites to absorb the scenery.

Unfortunately the weather will not stay like this.

Fair winds…


Surprise visitors !

I was in the final stages enjoying one of my rare midday naps, when suddenly someone knocked on the boat calling my name. Although the voices sounded familiar, it still took me ages to regain full consciousnes until it became crystal clear, Elke and Ulli are here. What a nice surprise, a lot to catch up!

Fair winds…

Back in Kappeln

I cannot deny a pinch of regret and sadness being around while fixing the lines in Kappeln today. Preparation for winterizing and haul out in a weeks time has fully taken over. Making use of the sunny weather I dried the foresail to store it away in dry conditions.

Coming week shall be busy.

Fair winds…

…final sunrise @ sea…

Ambient outside temperature showed 8.8°C this morning. A light breeze added a bit of a chill factor during my morning shower at the transom.😰

Fair winds…

🙋‍♂️The journey has finished⛵️

We have passed the pinhole entrance into the Schlei Fjord after a pleasant sail and dropped the ⚓️. Exactly at this place we started our journey towards the Atlantic on 14th June 2021.

Time to celebrate over a good glas of Whisky, or two – no cigar this time!

Fair winds…

Early Jump Start

50 nautical miles ahead of us. Next stop shall be Lyø in the 🇩🇰 South Sea. Good start into the week!

Good Night!

…nice anchorage…

Boaties taking the chance to get out onto the water at one of the last warm late season weekend days.

…arriving Heiligenhafen…

Having a nice ‘‘Pasta de Mojo‘‘ now here at the ⚓️ in Heiligenhafen.

It was great late summer sailing today, the light show came with it, so did the traffic. So many sailors out keeping me on my toes. I am still not used to this. 

Planning to stay for two nights, then catch the good southerly wind under blue sky, predicted for Monday. This shall bring me into the 🇩🇰 South Sea.

Fair winds & good night!

…leaving Neustadt…

While leaving I ended up in the middle of a starting regatta field. I am heading for the 🇩🇰 South Sea!

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