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😋…tuna steak à la Babs…👌

Served with a heavy red from a local winemaker.

Amazing recipe for a tuna steak dish, coming from Babs – SY Momentum of Fal – and I wanted Susan to try.

Roasted potato wedges at the bottom, tuna steak on the top and the difference makes the rucola salad as the mid layer getting heated up slightly from bottom and top while you dig in and tend to scoff rather taking it gently.

Tobias Grau joined us for the candle light dinner tonight.

Fair winds…

☝️…36h fridge feeling…😅

Ready to go…🙋‍♂️

The TO squadron is ready to move on tomorrow morning, just need to get out of this package mooring arrangement. It shall be a very pleasant overnight trip to Netherlands.

Nothern gannet @ Tall Anna

☝️ weather routing…👌

Seaman Pro is our main tool for passage planning to ensure comfortable sail during passages. It is developed by professional meteorologist, who are same time passionate sailors. Current forecast shows conditions leaving Helgoland Sunday 5am, arriving IJmuiden Monday after lunch.

Antipasti party…

Antipasti party with Lukas, Wolfgang, Inge and Ralf on ⛵️ Colette.

🌞 sunny welcome…

After 6 hours under engine we arrived in Helgoland.

TO ⛵️ squadron…

TO ⛵️ squadron on its way to Helgoland: SY Malwieder, SY Colette & SY Hullu Poro

TO navigation pencil…

During my visit to the TO Cuxhaven office, the symbolic navigation pencil has been handed over to me today. Another clear sign that the journey has started.

Cuxhaven next stop !

TO ship La Chunga II
4-5 kts tide running.
Mooring for the night.

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