Driven by the tide schedule, the mini flotilla left Fair Isle in the very early morning hours despite not much wind and therefore keeping the engine running  a bit longer than expected.

We had to catch an inbound current in time at “Lamb Head“ and “Ingale Skerry“ to finally pass “The String“ at slack water to minimize severe eddies happening in this spot, which is just 3nm into Kirkwall.

However, the sails finally took over under cloudy sky with sunny spells and the first passage highlight hit us straight away: ORCAS! Three friendly orcas! Passing by in less than 10m distance! Impressive!

Still a bit puzzled from this short but intense encounter the sky slowly closed while the wind speed increased and on the final miles of our approach into Kirkwall drizzle reduced visibility to minimum levels. Another demonstration how quickly the weather can change in this part of the world and reminding us to take weather forecasts with a pinch of salt.

Our arrival into the marina was remarkable with Charlotte from the office directing us to an allocated berth and receiving our mooring lines in now pouring conditions! Wow!

Our Northern Adventures continues!

Fair winds…