Together with some other boats we left Kirkwall heading out to the Pentland Firth. It was a good sail under overcast sky. By chance we picked the Neap Tide and at the time we arrived at Liddel Eddy near the Pentland Skerries, the east going tide was building up and reached approximately 4-5kn.

With substantial help from the engine we just managed to stay clear off Muckle Skerry, the bow pointing 270 West and The Lady dancing and drifting 180 South in bubbling waters. With dry throat and shivering bones we finally picked the Southeast going share of the tidal stream, which spelled us out of the strait and cleared us from all shoals.

After further 15nm we reached Wick/Caithness in no time at top speeds beyond 10kn over ground.

A tidal experience we will remember for long!

Fair winds…