It is 3am in the morning local time. The quarter moon managed to give the thin grey layer a new pattern with more white spots at airy flakes of clouds. This spreads some sort of twilight and results in abnormal good visibility for a night with a principal grey sky. No stars.
A pinch of 2kn got added to the wind occasionally and the lady immediately starts to get excitet only to slow down shortly afterwards to keep our average speed over ground at 2-3kn. If we are able to go on like this for the next 6-7 hours, we will knock at the marina’s gate as planned. At 9am the marinieros start the day at work. Yoshi from SY Dayo is expecting us while Babs & Rene from SY Momentum of Fal will join later the week, perhaps Friday. They are currently on the way from Madeira to Azores. Good to meet again.
Ponta Delgada already shows a blaze of light to us at 20nm distance. No chance to miss that. The air temperature at night has increased a little bit since our last passage showing 21.5°C on the thermometer at this very moment here under the sprayhood. I have therefore not put up the cockpit tent for this one night passage. Snuggled down in the sleeping bag to keep comfortably warm, I am spending all time in the cockpit to enjoy the night over a cup of hot tea, if not taking another 20min snooze.
What a fortune to be out here on the ocean.
Fair winds…