There was no visible sunset tonight and the sky is now 8/8 covered with a thin, slighly scattered, grey layer. I doubt it will break up at all tonight to prove that the stars and the waning moon are still there but let’s wait. It was different a few hours back, where the sun clearly dominated the scene.

There is light wind at only 5 -7kn from ESE direction and our speed varies between 2-3kn depending on the waves, which are neglebigle but still impacting the hull and its movement here and there or now and then. We are under full mainsail and 110% foresail. The lady appears to be sober and runs stable without the help of the engine directly towards our waypoint set at the entrance of Ponta Delgada on São Miguel. 38nm to go.
SY Sutje is about a mile astern following our track at similar speed. While the lights from the shore of Santa Maria have almost completely vanished the position lights up at the top of the mast of my fellow sailor friend’s boat keep its intensity constant.
Together we opted for this passage as a low wind sail and hope that we can limit the engine hours upon arrival. There was no better weather window in the forecast for the rest of the week and we picked the best promise as we were ready to move on.
It is very pleasant and relaxing so far and as expected. I wish Meno would give us the 5kn extra but tonight – nada.
Fair winds…