With the last rays of sunlight we reached the northern tip of Saint Vincent on our passage South to Grenada. In the last 12h we did 75nm, which is about half of the total distance. Our ETA at the Port Louis Marina in Saint George shall be tomorrow before noon. 

The wind is a bit fluctuating, and so are the waves, depending on whether we sail between two islands (acceleration zones) or along the islands itself (dead zones). We keep a distance to the land of 5-8nm in order to overcome low wind areas. It worked quite well so far. We are now creeping along with 3.5kn at 10kn of wind to pass Saint Vincent and speed up again.

We also made use of the dead wind zone to prepare a decent dinner. “Cajun chicken traybake” a là Jamie O. from his latest book. We just used the normal pan instead of putting a traybake into the oven. Yummy.

Wind has gone this time. Need to start the engine to get the lady back into motion.

Fair winds..