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⚓️…Sandy Island…⚓️

Check out at Customs and Immigration was a hard one this morning. Although we were first in the queue, it took finally 1.5h to get the papers done. Normal procedure we were told, other sailors were suffering with us but we all took it with a pinch of humor.

The Grenada Sailing Week 2023 is ongoing this week. The start line in Carriacou is next to the anchorage. Participating boats jungle through the anchored cruisers while fighting for the pool position – some came very close to my nerves!

Finally the hectic came to an end. We lifted the anchor for our less than 5nm passage to Sandy Island! Caribbean kitsch as per the script and at its best!

Fair winds…  

We are closing another exciting day with a sundowner & dinner over a fabulous sunset.

⚓️…Tyrrel Bay…⚓️

It was another hard day in paradise and I sense that we enjoy our time here more and more by absorbing and accustoming the liveaboard life with our lovely lady in the Caribbean.

It started with swell waking me up at 2am in the morning. The boat was rolling left right from some swell coming in from northwest quadrant. I prefer to get up rather than fighting to sleep under these conditions. The blog had to be updated anyway with the bike trip I did the day before. So what is better than to work on the blog in the very very early morning hours. At around 4am I finished and managed some more hours sleep as the swell went down a bit. I think, the swell comes with the tidal hours to some extend.

Susan had a business call at 6:30am and both of us being early birds under the sun enjoyed the morning tea in the cockpit before having late breakfast as there was no reason to rush for anything in the world.

The day passed by quickly.  We went ashore for some shopping and an early sundowner in our favourite bar after a good afternoon nap, which simply doubles quality of life!

We decided to hold the local cabbage from the supermarket back for a later dish. It still needs to be packed tomorrow as per its label. Instead we enjoyed Honey Roast Chicken a là Jamie and his One Pan concept.

Fair winds…


It is Sunday morning, blue sky with light trade winds. Hardly swell in the bay. Less traffic, perfect conditions: No excuse! Let’s get on the bike.

There was some extended off-road included today, most of it very pleasant, with trees providing shade against the rising sun. Some cattle crossing my way. Carriacou offers some beautiful nature not only on the island itself but also around its shoreline. Some stunning views to Grenada, Petit Martinique, Union Island, etc. Most picturesque the anchorage at Sandy Island – SY Black Pearl included.

Back in Tyrrel Bay, I stopped at Barakena Bar for a beer and some of the best reggae music in the bay before taking the bike back with the dinghy.

Fair winds…

…Island Bus Tour…

We took a bus tour today to Hillsborough, the capital (!) of Carriacou. While getting there, we toured the island a bit as not only the bus schedule but also the route is quite flexible, depending on actual needs. The price is fixed though.

The village with approximately one thousand inhabitants is the largest town on the island. Strolling the streets with its local shops and absorbing some more Caribbean culture brought us finally back to our favourite beach bar in Tyrrel Bay playing pleasant reggae music all day.

The Caribbean pace is even slower during the weekends!

Fair winds…

…the dream continuous…

We more and more enjoy our days here in Tyrrel Bay on Carriacou/Grenada. The best part is, that Susan is here while managing her part time job fabulously.

While there is a lot of history and heritage in the Caribbean, we also come across the modern aspects of the world. In terms of sailing this means for example that we have seen SY Maserati Multi 70 in Port Louis, the winning boat 2023 of the RORY in its class. It is a race from Arrecife/Lanzarote to Port Louis/Grenada and they performed the distance in another record of 5 days, 5 hours,….simply amazing.

The last two days, SY Pen Duick VI was our neighbour here at anchor. Marie Tabarly continuous the heritage from her father, Eric Tabarly. She will join the Ocean Race in September 2023 – 50 years after her father sailed the maiden Withbread Round the World Race with the same boat!

SY Sea Cloud anchored next to us for an overnight stay. She is an impressive windjammer build in Kiel back in 1931 with an interesting history.

The true fairy tales go on and on and on…I love it.

Fair winds… 

⚓️…Grenada – Grenadines…⚓️

After an exciting day of sailing,  we have dropped the anchor a bit later than planned just one hour before sunset. The anchorage is peaceful but busy. We are both tired and will have an early night. Fair winds…

The Navily App showing our anchor position. Very useful tool and part of passage planning.

…byebye St. George’s…

We have left Port Louis Marina just before 9am. Wind was forecasted 15kn, gusting 23kn, from NE quadrant, typical trade wind conditions. Waves around 2m with 8s period. Overall, nothing you would put on the wish-list for heading north but not a surprise at all. We are in the trade wind belt.

After some rain showers in the early morning hours and a lost credit card shortly after that…the sun came out and made the rest of the day very bright!

Fair winds…

…pool days…

Our days in Porto Louis, one of the three Camper & Nicholsons Marinas worldwide, are coming to an end. It was not only the pool but the whole set-up and atmosphere, which made it a perfect place for us to relax.

Saint George’s itself, the capital of Grenada, is nice but not overwhelming.

Tomorrow we will head out for some anchorage further north of Grenada.

Fair winds…

SY Norfolk Star, 121ft Perini Navi, 60k€ per week

👍…back online…😅

Glad our issue got resolved through live chat with great professionalism of IONOS Support Team.

🚴‍♂️…into Grenada’s heart…🚴‍♂️

Today’s ride was a challenge and probably the hardest one I have done in the 50-60km range. It started off as ususal at the break of the day with a straight climb to get out of town. My legs were not strong and my mind was struggling. Close to turning around and going back, I pushed not only myself hard but also the bike as some of the ascents showed 22% and walking the bike was required. No way I cycle that. Filling in Coke helped a bit but I kept struggling on the uphills.

However, finally I got to the centre of the island seeing some great nature before getting my bike bottle filled with fresh Coconut alongside the road in Gouyave downtown, a very interesting spot.

The ride along the coastline was less impressive but still nice and less mountainous and I was happy to arrive back at the boat after almost 4.5h in the saddle.

Fair winds…

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