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Coffee with Yoshi…

Mandatory: The guest has to grind the beans. 

Open water diving was our plan for today but unfair winds and choppy seas postponed this adventure.

As Yoshi, skipper SY DaYo, has moored at the pontoon next door to the diving school, I spontaneously went for one of his famous coffees! 

Fair winds & thanks for the home brewed coffee Yoshi!

☝️…Rubicon sunset…👌

🙋‍♂️ Marina Rubicon…

After only 10nm (!) on the ocean I arrived at Marina Rubicon. 

🙋‍♂️ See you again Calero…

After four weeks and 865km 🚴‍♂️ I am moving on!

🚴‍♂️…More Leg Training…🚴‍♂️

BBQ dinner at Puerto Valero

SY Lippische Rose, SY Hexe, SY Cristina & SY Hullu Poro @ Steakhouse in Puerto Calero

📚…Lanzarote readings…📚


Based on recommendations, two books were a must for me:

The first one was recommended by Hermann from SY Thetis on the very first evening we met. It is about biking on Lanzarote and it describes in detail how it feels to climb the pass at Femés and cycle on this island.

The second recommendation followed from Cornelia from SY Hexe and it deals about diving on Lanzarote. Although I am not a diver yet, my first snorkelling experience was pleasant and soon I will attend my diving course.

Both books are from Juli Zeh and worth to read as they bring you this fantastic island closer in many aspects while same time ensure good entertainment up to the last page.

I know, where the first cycle trip on New Year‘s Day 2022 will take me.

Fair winds…

😴…typical rest day…😴

Late breakfast, washed the boat, cleaned the 🚴‍♂️, popped by at SY Jojo, tried to get Pactor via Sailmail running at SY Hexe, Glühwein from Lidl, replied some mails, shifted the diving course by a couple of days, extented my berth in Calero, etc….. &  listened to the radio!

Fair winds…

🚴‍♂️…La Corona…🚴‍♂️

I took a deep sip from the bottle today as there was one area missing on Lanzarote I had not cycled yet. My training over the last few weeks allowed me to give it a go, obviously in good wind conditions. Today we had around 6kn steady breeze from NE, not so bad.

It has proven again that Lanzarote is a biker’s paradise, even getting that close to La Corona in winter days…😜!

Fair winds…

Hike – Volcán El Cuervo

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