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Hike – Levada do Bom Sucesso

Hike – Levada Fajã do Rodrigues (PR16)

☝️…Madeira break of dawn…👌

Photo taken today during our trip across Madeira. © Baps - SY Momentum of Fal

🚴‍♂️…Cãmara de Lobos…🚴‍♂️

I have been to Baía de Cãmara de Lobos a few times and it is always a pleasure to come back. It is a short ride along the coastline keeping the sea in view while paddling up and down.

The main attraction today was the tiny little church right at the harbour. Not a single seat left and when the signing of the chant started the vibes electrified even spectators like myself outside of the church.

Fair winds…

☝️…Funchal Marina Project…👌

There are some improvements planned for the Marina in Funchal to a) make it more attractive and b) reduce the swell inside the marina, which is unpleasant as we have just experienced the last two days. Looking at the new layout, I am convinced that the new entrance/longer breakwater will reduce this wobbling boat movements especially at easterly winds. Although the work should start any time now, a completion date has not been announced. 😉
Fair winds…

😕…Paintball Weather…😕

While tropical storm Gaston is slowly moving away from Azores, my focus is on Hermine heading north towards Canary Islands. Although it is less strong, it might influence my passage planning further.😕

Fair winds…

Funchal – Market Hall

The market hall in Funchal is a hotspot on a Saturday morning. Although open every  day except Sundays, it is particularly busy on Saturdays. Its reputation is not the best in terms of tourists being cheated, so you need to be careful and make a sanity check yourself before paying. The range is from pure local products to tourist’ gadgets.

After getting my fresh tuna steaks together with some local vegetables and fruits I enjoyed a Portuguese Galão while absorbing the atmosphere for a while.

Fair winds…

🙋‍♂️…Momentum of Fal…⛵️

Harbour Master Sérgio personally and myself received the lines from Babs and René shortly after midnight completing the passage from Horta to Funchal. A lot to chat about after a short night of sleep for all.

Fair winds…

Good Morning Funchal

I feel fully recovered this morning having my second coffee. Damned good sleep until 6am. There is a bit on my list. Made a lemon cake first thing in the morning still in my pyjama, 9am is laundry time, 10am I expect Toribio to come. He is the local Sailmaker & Rigger and helped me out last time on the broken halyard. This time I need a few repair stitches (thanks to Danielle) to the bimini cover and perhaps he can also give an overall check on the foresail before we head on. Thereafter the lady needs a shampoo, shower and conditioner treatment. Also need to investigate a squeaky noise on the steering system, which comes and goes, etc. etc. 

Nothing is more boring than getting older bored.

Fair winds…

Lines fixed in Funchal

John's lady is a Rival 41, a very solid design from Peter Brett and build in Southampton/UK.

Lines are fixed with the help of the Mariniero and John from Ireland, my neighbour for the next few days.
It is exactly on the day, one year ago, 18th Sept 21, when Susan and myself arrived here first time coming from Porto. Funchal is the place I have most often visited within this one year followed by Porto Calero. Not sure what that tells you. 😀    Fair winds…

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