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Vik – Fjord Impressions

It was a long day with plenty of light shows in a different world until we arrived in Vik for the night.

The photo to the right was taken 11pm before we called it a day.

Fair winds & Good Night…

☝️…Sognefjord ahead…

Finally we decided this morning to postpone our passage West for three good reasons: wind, weather & the Sognefjord at our doorstep.

Fedje is a place to return but we are on the way into the Fjordland of Norway. Conditions are too good to miss it.

Fair winds…

We moored next to the all electric car ferry MF Fedjebjørn. Zero emission, 100% sunshine.

Strusshamn => Fedje

Strusshamn Gjesthamn - a perfect “symbiosis“ of natural harbour and marina!
Landscape view to the East.
Fjord sailing at its best today.
Fedje Island, the most western community in Norway and perhaps another gem?!?


The exceptional good weather remains kind to us for another week at least, which helps me growing my confidence in 🛶 Lille Poro. Today’s trip took us further out onto the Byfjorden but staying close to the shoreline.

Fair winds…


🛶…Lille Poro…🛶

The maiden voyage with 🛶 Lille Poro took me this morning around some small islands just outside of the Strusshamn Marina – called Småskjera.

🛶 Lille Poro is our new hybrid kayak, a Scubi 1 XL from the manufacturer Nortik. The weather allowed me newbie to leave the duck pond marina as the waters were all flat except passing vessels creating some swell. My first impression is very positive and I believe the kayak will add some good quality time to our ongoing journey.

The red nose might be seen in some more future photos…

Fair winds…

SY Aegir & Fjelltour

Yesterday, SY Aegir arrived and we have now rafted up alongside as planned. We have met Christine & Gregor last year on Anholt while they were heading back South from their maiden trip to Svalbad! Very nice to catch up and meet their crew Traudi & Theresa as well.

A short 🚴‍♂️ ride took me through some more beautiful nature nearby.

Fair winds…

©️ Gregor / Skipper SY Aegir

Bergen – pure 🚴‍♂️ing

There was no second thought that I have to explore the purposely built longest pedestrian & biking tunnel in the world. The Fyllingsdalstunnelen, 3km long, opened in April 2023. It follows the standard three lanes concept (one for pedestrians and two for bikes) for cycling tracks in Bergen, wherever feasible and dollars don‘t matter!

Leaving the tunnel I was chilled and a bit puzzled but ready for the climb, which turned out to be packed with natural nutritions all the way long. Slope and tarmac was demanding but managable with stretches where not only the rider but also the Roubaix got to their limits.

It was worth the pain.

After the descend down to sea level, the ferry took me back over to Askøy Island for the short ride back to our tiny floating home. A ride to remember!

Fantastic nature so close to the city.

Fair winds…

☀️…all week…☀️

The weather seems to be on our side for another week. We are currently on 60°N latitude and 17 hours of sunshine is basically the time from sunrise to sunset.

Until Midsummer on 24th June 2024 we shall get another 2 hours, staying on this latitude and providing a similar good weather forecast.

It is hard to believe, that Bergen leads the statistic in terms of being the rainiest city in Europe  with respect to rain days per year

We will see and try to get enough decent sleep.

Fair winds…

Ramsøy & Kollevåg Strand

Today‘s ride took us to the outskirt village of Ramsøy, one of the many communities on Askøy Island. Nothing special compared to what we have seen already on this journey.

The beaches of Kollevåg surprised me instead. Not only the scenic embedment into the landscape but also that the Norwegians have proclaimed summer and opened the beach season that early in the year. It is still 6 weeks to go until Midsummer, officially in Norway on 24th June 2024. Well, the weather permits.

Tomorrow will be another biking day under blue sky.

Fair winds…

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