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E to W Atlantic Crossing – Logblog 12

It is 5:50am local time, Atlantic Standard Time. My shift is over in 10 minutes and I will not miss the sunrise set at 6:11am for today at our location over a cup of tea with Susan. I can already type these lines not using the headlamp to see the keyboard and it becomes clear, that another sunny day has started. A short while ago, there was some distance lightning, first time on our passage, which has now disappeared, so have the clouds normally announcing some potential trouble.

We had a very peaceful & pleasant Christmas here out at sea. It was also impressive. We went through some stronger winds up to 37kn and waves at around 3.5m. The wave pattern was not perfect and still a bit chaotic, or at least wobbling or not structured, but that did not take anything off from the spectacular impressions it left behind. Excellent weather support was provided by Rainer, skipper SY Geronimo, and the “twins” from Intermar e.V., Uwe/DF5AM and Uwe/DD1HUR. A big “Thank you” for preparing us factually and mentally for this lasting impressions mother nature provided to us. It was one of my best sailing days ever.

Weather was also one of the topics during the daily calls with Jan, skipper SY Sutje on the HF Marine Radio. Jan, Petra and Tobi are approximately 150nm behind us as they left Mindelo a day later and also bound for Marina Du Merin on Martinique. We both have a confirmed reservation for a few days to get those things sorted typically required after such a passage besides getting a first impression of Martinique.

Slowly we also prepare our landfall but it is still 250nm to go.

Fair winds…


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  1. Edith & Horst

    Geschafft!,👍 Bernd Deine Logblogs haben wir jeden Morgen gelesen. Bei 3,5 Wellenhöhe haben wir tief durchgeatmet, aber Ihr und Eure „Lady“ haben Alles gut gemeistert! Nun ist erstmals schlafen und genießen angesagt.
    Liebe Grüße E.und H.

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