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Champagne Friday – SY Zapoli

Susan, Irene, Peter & Ralf
Myself, Rainer, Ulrike, Horst & Evelyn

⛵️…floating again…😂

Helping Wes for a last minute swage on a rail wire, which had to be replaced.

After some final push all tasks got completed and the lady was lifted back into the water. We went straight for a sea trial to verify the engine alignment. Inge, Ralf and Rainer joined us to support and we concluded – all good! Ready for future adventures.
Fair winds…

☝️…malwieder zusammen…👍

Back together @ MusaBarBistro in PDC. SY malwieder with Inge and Ralf arrived from Gibraltar!

…we are moving…

…emotional roller coaster…

As a live aboard you are used to ups and downs as not all is as shiny as it might look like. The last 48 hours have been one of these emotional roller coasters from the very bottom to the very top – resulting in a spinning head, some phone calls with brain storming followed by a good glas of wine or two to get finally some sleep. At these moments you are not clear, if you are doing the right thing. But I am sure, once back on the ocean, it‘s all forgotten and forgiven until…

This time the simple challenge was around gelcoat colour matching, which was one of the reasons why I selected Puerto Calero and its team.

After two days mixing and testing the colour matching was still far off and could go on and on forever ending potentially in a hull face with poorly applied make-up. The lady deserves better.

On the upside, I believe we got over the crucial point now but final polishing results will only reveal a bit later.

Allow me to say that we are not just fixing a boat but one of the best maintained Hallberg-Rassy 43 floating around.

Wish us luck and sucess, if you find the time.

Fair winds…

📚…library exchange…📚

You can see from the quality of the covers that some years have passed between Tristan Jones and Boris Herrmann – around 50 years in time  between these two highly inspiring sailors.
I could not stop reading last night and finished Boris early this morning. This is not only because I have a limited subscription period from SY Geronimo’s library but also the fascination Boris creates while taking you onboard of his recent journey.
Tristan was one of my early reads and I am still a great fan of his crazy adventures. It is demonstrated by having five of his books stored in the library on SY Hullu Poro. Well, currently four of them are under subscription to Rainer, skipper of SY Geronimo. A kind of exchange program between the racer and the dreamer!

Fair winds…

…pensioner at internship…

The photo shows the end of a typical work day. Getting back to my temporary accommodation in Puerto del Carmen, I normally enjoy a cold beer at the pool.
The works are going a bit slow and we deal with one surprise only, which is the cutlass bearing play, which made my face to look like a pale ale for a moment. Now things are under control.
I have become a team member of the yard and work goes hand in hand, me learning a lot.

Fair winds…

⛵️…on the hard…⛵️

The lady has been hauled out today by the Varadero team and safely rested into a cradle to perform the required works.

Overall it does not look that dramatic but it will be tedious to get the wrinkles removed and new layers of make-up applied.

Together with the insurance surveyor we will finalize plans tomorrow and give it a go ahead.

Fair winds…

🚴‍♂️…El Lago Verde…🚴‍♂️

World Amateur Radio Day

There are about 3 million licensed ham radio operators worldwide spread across many countries. Majority sits in US and Japan but Germany ranking number 5 (after Thailand and China) contributes with around 80’000 licensed hams to the community.
German hams are officially represented in the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC e.V.) with its approximately 35’000 members.
Although it seems for many people a bit outdated and old fashioned, new technologies have been developed over the years.
Vy73 & Fair winds…

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