There is a group of five boats sailing as a flottille down to Cabo Verde. All left from San Sebastian de La Gomera yesterday morning. We are currently sailing within a circle of 10nm diameter. One disappeared from the AIS some time back but is expected to get back on the screen. Anyway, that boat was in the lead, I am at the tail.

As expected there were some hours of motor sailing at the start but then the wind got up to 12kn and the engine got shut off. During some hours in the night the wind increased and peaked just beyond 20kn, which gave us good speed. After some finetuning, I found our sail arrangements for the night. Poled out foresail only on starboard side. Easy, relaxing and no banging. Most of this passage will be pure downwind, TWA between 140 and 170 degree. Although we need to watch our progress to ensure we arrive on time, more or less. I have spoken to Marina Mindelo to inform about our ETA.

An hour ago, the wind shifted by 50 degree, which brings us a bit off course. I am not sure, if this is just a temporary shift or will stay on. If it stays on, I need to take the pole in and get the main sail back out again. I will decide in three hours, when the sun comes out and I have received the latest weather forecast.

Had also some good rest. This time I took my sleep on the floor in the saloon as it was quite rolling up in the cockpit and the air temperature would require a sleeping back. I hope the coming nights it will get warmer. Tonight it shows 23 °C on the thermometer.

I skipped the dinner after having had a good portion of noodle salad from Petra in my travel bag. Delicious and something I have not had for long time.

Highlight of the day was present #3 of the emmergency bag from Elke and Ulli, which I got in Lanzarote. Another creative delight – Mojo Suave, traditional Lanzarote food.

I look forward to daylight to leave the first night in our wake.

Fair winds…