The night was interessting. Had to give way to a fellow sailor. We had a CPA of 50m and he had the right of way, So better switch from windvane to steering wheel, adjust the sails for a while and let him pass. He did not reply on VHF and his AIS was on and off. Otherwise I rested well.

We are about 25nm behind our planned sailing route and there are different reasons for that. In short, our speed is 1-15kn slower than planned and that puts us back. I am monitoring that and consider putting the mainsail up this morning after shifting the spinnaker pole and try to stabilize it as much as possible in the waves. A boat next to me did put up the Gennaker yesterday for 30min. Nice try but it did not work in this wind/wave/course potpurri.

I am not concerned as our weather window seems to be open towards the end, which I also monitor carefully. All it matters is, that we minimize wear and tear, nothing brakes, and we arrive before the 10 December, the date Susan will touch down Mindelo! And obviously: enjoying the ocean!

Food selection is remarkable, I slept quite well last night, so Day 5 on this passage will start now with a tea at sunrise.

Fair winds…

In case I get bored, I now have a sketch book (present #4 from Elke and Ulli), to fill those hours with creativity!