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Logistics in Malendure

Malendure is a good place to replenish groceries. There is a nice and nearby landing dock for dinghies in a small natural harbour and a couple of large supermarkets to chose from. Opening hours are generous, even on weekends.

Basic stock supply is ongoing for our upcoming passage to Azores, hopefully with a stop-over in Bermuda.

We will move further north shortly.

Fair winds…


☝️…sail-mate Rainer… 🛬


🌴…Malendure beach…


  1. Lloyd

    When you sail back to the Azores don´t forget to come by to Santa Maria Blues Festival the Marina of Vila do Porto is waiting for you’re arrival, Big hug and fair winds 😀

    • Ahoi Lloyd,
      good to hear from you. We are getting closer to the Azores with a little detour via Bermuda but I will keep your offer in mind and hopefully make it for another great time on Santa Maria. By the way, when is the Blues Festival 2023 planned?
      Will keep you informed about our journey. All the best in the meantime.
      Fair winds…

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