The devils got two names. Low Viktor and High Wiebke working hand in hand to develop a pressure drop of 50mbar over a distance of approximately 1500km between its center points. They kept us on our toes for the last 48 hours. It has now moved on and Babet (international name for Viktor) is still raging the NE part of the UK.

Following the news, this storm has disclosed the weak areas of our coastal infrastructure along the German part of the Baltic Sea. From devastating damage seen in Damp for example to minor losses like here in Kappeln. This does not mean that all areas within the Schlei Fjord enjoy the same level of protection but due to its geographical location, I think, Kappeln has minimum exposure overall. Massholm and Arnis are already very different.

Peak water levels were finally about 25cm higher than predicted by BSH. In my opinion, some more conservatism in the calculations would be better and could prevent last minute evacuations happening last night in Massholm, Arnis & Eckernförde.

My sympathy is with those, who got affected despite paying utmost attention and care before it was too late.

The clean-up has now started.

Fair winds…