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PAYS – Barbecue

Normally these rum punches get watery the later the evening but not at the PAYS BBQ event tonight. Tasty and in free flow along with vibrating reggae music, entertainment and company until late into the night. Tempting and dangerous.

Glad I don’t have a dinghy license as that would have been at hight risk on the way back to our mooring.

Took me a while to finally overcome the hangover but it has been worth the pain!

Fair winds…

…double rainbow…

Mixed weather during the PAYS Yachting Festival 2023 here in Portsmouth/Dominica.

☝️…Indian River…👍

Today’s afternoon program for me was to explore the Indian River, one of the main attractions here in Portsmouth. Perfectly organised by the PAYS team we were picked up and dropped off again after 3 hours of  unique jungle experience covering education and entertainment. Soft & Smart Tourism!

At the bush bar we were not only served local rum punch but also introduced to some Creole food & tradition including arts, music and Kalinago culture. Although the weather was mixed, I enjoyed the tool together with numerous sailors from the anchorage. Fair winds…

🏴‍☠️…Cruise ship attack…🏴‍☠️

Busy day in Prince Rupert Bay!

Overall the level of tourism in Dominica is low. Biggest contributor is probably the cruising industry and today was their day in Portsmouth.

Although not sure on the number of tourists on these three boats, I could not see any difference in Portsmouth town during my walk and grocery shopping. Neither they were on the Indian River in the afternoon. They must have all disappeared into the jungle for some eight hours, the length of their stay. For me, maximum irritating, not more.

Earlier during my stay in Roseau, they closed roads and opened dozens of booths with tourist gadgets and garments at the time the cruise ships arrived.

Fair winds…

Grab a PAYS mooring?!?
Beach landing...

PAYS – Welcome Cocktail

The PAYS Yachting Festival Week has been opened yesterday during a function taking place in the nearby Kempinski Hotel. Besides others, all yachties were invited mingling with the warm-hearted locals. The venue itself is providing a 5 star framework and indicates expectations concerning the yachting scene and its potential in Dominica for the years to come. I am convinced it has great potential.

Besides the selected location some of the high ranking distinguished speakers are shown below. Hank Schmitt, moored next to us with his SY Avocation, a Swan 48, has been instrumental in the whole process, which started back in 2015 under his “The Mooring Field Development Foundation”. A Big Thank You!

Hank Schmitt -
Denise Charles - MoP & Minister of Tourism
Andrew ‘Cobra’ O’Brien - President of PAYS

The project has developed quickly over the years, recognised by the government, which was emphasised by Denise Charles and Mr. Cobra, who has been one of the driving forces for many years as well.

All these efforts have not only positively impacted the local community but also provide a safe and welcoming attitude and atmosphere for us, the yachties.

I now expect a lovely Festival Week.

Fair winds…

…finally some rain…

The change in weather came as predicted with the first drops echoing on the Bimini around 5am this morning. It will stay on over the next few days embracing the scenery into a different atmosphere. Good for a boat wash, some office work, a nap in the afternoon, food prep and Me Time!

Have a great weekend ahead.

Fair winds…

…known neighbors …

I had new neighbors over the last two days. Biggi and Jan moored up with catamaran Rare Breed just next to us. What a pleasant surprise! We have met first time for a sundowner in Brunsbüttel at the time this adventure started. Unfortunately we only made it for a coffee as their stopover on the way South was short but that‘s how sailor‘s life works.

Wishing them both fair winds and hope our wake lines will cross again!

Fair winds…

SY Rare Breed - Broadblue Prestige 38

🚴‍♂️…Red Rocks & Batibou Bay

Biking at its finest! You get time to reflect at your own beach...👌...most picturesque 🌴 on Dominica.

Smiley arrived sharp on time but without any smile. He does not seem to be an early bird. 10 minutes later I was in the saddle heading towards the east coast of Dominica.

The island was slowly waking up with the sun still behind the mountains. First traffic, about 25 cars on the 20km ride to put it in perspective. Considered nothing and all approaching safely. Good tarmac.

Red Rocks and Batibou Beach were my target destinations besides passing through the village of Calibishie. Some nice encounters with locals, all very open, curious and friendly. Huge interest in the bike!

After almost five hours I was back at the dinghy dock. Smiley was already waiting for me but I could not rush on this ride and loose maximum effect on today’s biking retreat. I need to find another tour on this island.

Fair winds…

Red Rocks
Batibou Beach

Update: Day 128

4 month and 1 week ago we left Puerto Calero/Lanzarote. No regrets we started this adventure.

Brenda – WhatsApp – instant reply, handover time & location fixed. With a smile she takes my laundry on time. Like Singapore, except the smile!

24 hours later, reverse procedure. Laundry is clean, dry, nicely folded with a pleasant smell! Top notch! Thank you Brenda. Another impressive example for the fantastic service level on this island.

My own duty of the day was more directed towards the engine room. Filters to be replaced or cleaned, pressure on regulator tank adjusted. etc., small jobs but now and then required.

Tomorrow will start with a smile. I have booked Smiley, one of the boat boys, to pick me and the bike up at 6am sharp for another ride on Nature Island!

Fair winds…

PAYS Yachting Festival

The yachting scene on Dominica is still in its infant stages compared to other islands like Martinique for example. No doubt the island has a lot to offer for sailors and great potential.

Next week, the PAYS Dominica Yachting Festival starts and the program is comprehensive and covers not only a bit of sailing but also a lot of social and environmental aspects. I am planning to stay on for that.

Poverty is visible as much as people are motivated to deal with their destiny trying to offer any kind of service for the tourists to create a win-win situation. I am convinced that this attitude will bring growth and prospects over the years.

Fair winds… 

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