The PAYS Yachting Festival Week has been opened yesterday during a function taking place in the nearby Kempinski Hotel. Besides others, all yachties were invited mingling with the warm-hearted locals. The venue itself is providing a 5 star framework and indicates expectations concerning the yachting scene and its potential in Dominica for the years to come. I am convinced it has great potential.

Besides the selected location some of the high ranking distinguished speakers are shown below. Hank Schmitt, moored next to us with his SY Avocation, a Swan 48, has been instrumental in the whole process, which started back in 2015 under his “The Mooring Field Development Foundation”. A Big Thank You!

Hank Schmitt -
Denise Charles - MoP & Minister of Tourism
Andrew ‘Cobra’ O’Brien - President of PAYS

The project has developed quickly over the years, recognised by the government, which was emphasised by Denise Charles and Mr. Cobra, who has been one of the driving forces for many years as well.

All these efforts have not only positively impacted the local community but also provide a safe and welcoming attitude and atmosphere for us, the yachties.

I now expect a lovely Festival Week.

Fair winds…